Creepy Facebook group tells men to ‘approach and dominate’ women

A disturbing Facebook group has been uncovered which urges men to approach women and 'dominate them'.

The group titled 'How to approach a woman' has over 200 members and is regularly updated with 'tips' on how to approach unsuspecting women.

The notion of 'approaching' women is rooted in the online Incel community comprising of heterosexual men who believe women have too much sexual power and blame them for their lack of romantic success.

The Facebook group does not position itself as overtly incel and instead states it is "a group is created to help share ideas and techniques on how to approach women" and "thwart approach anxiety."

However, many of the posts in the group could be seen as problematic in their depiction of women and their sexual independence.

In one post, an admin urges men to "go for" any women they find attractive reasoning that they are "flattering her by coming up to her."

Another post urges men to shake the hands of women "vigorously" and claims that "a light kiss on the cheeks or forehead, or other body positions, can provide a good start to the conversation."

Another post urges men to be almost robotic in their reactions to what women say.

It reads: "No matter what a girl does or says,

"Never let yourself react emotionally.

"Stay nonchalant and unaffected."

But in one chilling thread, the veil is lifted somewhat and a more toxic idealogy emerges with the admin's opinions on women's autonomy made very clear.

It reads: "When a woman breaks one of your rules, don't just smile with her and keep quiet as if nothing happened, else she will feel comfortable and do it over and over again.

"Caution her, make her know that it's not acceptable.

"Women need a man who can dominate them."

The disturbing idealogy the Facebook group posts has been proven to have terrifying real-world consequences.

In July 2020, a man was arrested in Folkestone after he posted a video of himself cycling around the town approaching women leading to a massive public backlash from concerned residents.

Going by the YouTube name 1st Person Approacher, he posted a series of videos with titles such as '1st Person Approacher is BACK! Fresh GAME to HUNT on the urban savanna!' before taking his account private.

In a short statement the man behind the video laid out why he was approaching women in this way.

He said: “In the pickup/dating coach community, we see a lot of theory and vague ideas promoted. But how does it actually look, to enact such advice, in real life? And if it isn't the right advice, then what is?

“One man in his 30s, who has never spoken to women before heads into the urban jungle to attempt interaction with the female species. He has never spoken to women before or even kissed one.

“Is he a threat to the local female population!? Should he be in a straitjacket in a mental ward somewhere!?"

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KentLive reports that following his arrest he was later released as the "evidence did not meet the threshold for a charge."

The Daily Star has approached the admin of 'How to approach woman' for comment.

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