‘Haunted’ doll filmed moving by itself as if ‘ghost child’ is playing with it

A couple were stunned when they re-watched CCTV to find a doll "moving on its own" at night, sparking fears a "ghost child" was playing with it.

Amateur doll collectors Lee and Linzi Steer, from Rotherham in South Yorks., said they got sent the mysterious Victorian doll with no note explaining its background.

In chilling CCTV from inside their haunted objects museum, the toy leans forward in an apparent controlled motion before its head tilts slightly downwards.

Lee was completely baffled and claimed he had never seen anything like it in 20 years as a real-life ghost hunter.

The couple shared the video online and paranormal fans suggested it could be a "ghost of a child" hugging the doll.

Linzi said: "This particular doll didn't come to us as haunted. People sent it but didn't particularly tell us what [had happened with her].

"Usually they'll leave us notes but with this doll, it was nothing. It was a mystery.

"We went in on Friday and we both noticed that doll propped forward. I said 'let's just check CCTV'."

She said the doll moved in three stages before it turned its head.

"It's like the joints are physically moving like a human, it was propped like that," Linzi explained.

"If it was a natural fall it'd have gone on the floor, but it didn't. The way she was positioned defies gravity.

"That doll is actually heavy and it was leant at an angle.

"This footage is the first time we've caught something moving on camera at the museum — it baffles me."

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Some viewers commented that they saw the doll's joints moving.

Linzi said the museum was used to be three miners' houses with recorded details that two children were left badly neglected in the property.

One document showed another child was "burnt and scolded to death".

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  • Linzi also said they received donations of haunted objects from people around the world and their museum attracted a lot of paranormal investigators coming to visit.

    She added: "We must have more than 200 dolls. These particular ones on the shelf are very old. We've got one that's dated from the 1800s.

    "We've even got an old morgue table downstairs."

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