Google Maps user claims they’ve found ‘portal to another dimension’ in the sky

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A Reddit user claims to have found a "gateway" to another dimension in the sky above an iconic landmark on Google Maps.

The supposed portal is displayed as a black spot in the air that is only seen from certain angles of the aerial view shot at @38.6260664, -90.1864535.

The glitch was spotted above the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri which is a 190-metre stainless steel monument that is considered to be the largest arch in the world.

Reddit user u/Mirio-jk posted the video of the 360-degree view of the black spot in the sky to the subreddit r/GoogleMaps.

The caption said: "A gateway to another dimension has opened up above the St Louis Arch!"

The post received 56 upvotes with comments from users who compared it to works of fiction – including Pokemon.

One user said: "That's an aerial black mark to represent the Plessy v Ferguson courthouse."

Another simply posted "Hoopa rings" in reference to the portals on the Pokemon GO! mobile game.

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A third posted a link to an article on Eric von Schrader’s debut novel A Universe Less Travelled which features a picture of the arch.

The novel is set in a different 20th century for St. Louis – as if the reader has travelled to an alternate dimension – much like a portal would suggest.

The news comes after another portal was spotted on the app which conspiracy theorists believe leads to another planet.

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The "dot" appeared near the famous Nazca Lines – a collection of more than 300 different figures, including animals and plants, drawn into the soil between 500 BC and AD 500.

Swiss author, Erich von Daniken suggested in his book, Chariots of the Gods, that the Nazca Lines themselves were the runways of an ancient airfield used by extraterrestrial spacecraft.

And internet users seemed to think the dot could also be linked with extraterrestrials.

For now, the true meaning behind the strange glitch on Google Maps remains a mystery.

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