Alec Baldwin’s car stolen after landing at Heathrow amid first role since Rust tragedy

Alec Baldwin opens up in first interview since fatal shooting

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Alec Baldwin, 63, flew to Heathrow last week and reportedly made the journey for the upcoming thriller 97 Minutes – with him said to be filming scenes for the film in Hampshire. It is said to be his first role since the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film Rust.

The actor has since addressed an incident since his arrival in the UK.

Alec recalled the experience to his 2.4 million followers on Instagram just days ago, with him sharing a video about it over the weekend on the social media platform.

He captioned the post: “I hope you found your car…”

In the video, Alec began: “I’m going to go ahead and record this because I think it’s funny.

“I fly on a sleeper flight and I get to the airport, and I get through the immigration and they get my bags.”

The Golden Globes winner explained that his driver had advised him to wait while he picked up their vehicle from a nearby car park.

Alec went on: “He goes and I don’t see him for like 20 minutes.”

This prompted the actor to contact the car company, with Alec speaking to the firm’s manager.

To his surprise, the boss of the company explained to him that the car had been stolen.

Recalling the moment, Alec laughed about the incident.

He said that driver eventually returned and said the same thing, that the car was missing.

The actor concluded: “Anyway, I hope you found your car.”


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The video has been watched over 200,000 times, as fans inundated the comment section.

Social media users were quick to point his British accent impersonation.

Linda Wright commented: “I love listening to you. Never stop talking to us please.”

Steve Horn remarked: “Don’t worry about it. In the long run, he will find his car you will be ok.”

Caliber said: “Cockney accent is pretty good.”

Aldrich added: “What a way to start your trip that you didn’t want to do in the first place. Glad you have a sense of humor about it. Thanks for the chuckle. Take care.”

According to reports, Alec is in the UK to work on the thriller 97 Minutes – which is said to be about a plane that will crash in just 97 minutes when its fuel runs out.

The project is the first film that he has worked on since his colleague Halyna Hutchins was killed on the set of the film Rust in New Mexico in October last year.

In a follow-up video, Alec filmed himself walking down the street in Alton, Hampshire.

He said: “I’m in this little town. Whenever I come to places like this whenever I travel away from the US, I look at little places like this.

“I think, ‘What would it be like to live here? What would it be like to be a kid and this is your home?’ I grew up in a pretty big suburban town on Long Island, residential Long Island.

“And I never thought ‘I gotta get out of here, I would go to Hollywood’ or that b******t.”


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