Fetish models sell vagina-scented masks in bizarre Covid enterprise

There really is no crisis so great that someone can’t make an opportunity out of it.

And, for the women (and a few men) who sell their used knickers on fetish sites like Snifffr and All Things Worn, the pandemic has opened a whole new possibility: facemasks that smell of their intimate areas.

The facemasks, typically disposable surgical masks, are kept inside the seller’s underwear or in another intimate spot for long enough to pick up a scent before being sold on the site for up to $250 (about £180).

They’re often sold in conjunction with private photos showing the seller naked, or just with the mask on.

One seller, who uses the name Laceysniffs, told Vice: ”A lot of my clientele fetishise scents, so being able to have a mask full of my fragrances pressed tightly in their face, and being able to deeply inhale my scents, can be a highly euphoric and erotic experience for some.”

She says that she used to sell used socks, but started selling facemasks a few months ago due to public demand.

If a mask has just been pressed against her body for 24 hours she charges $5 (just under £4) but the price doubles if she’s urinated on it, she says.

Another seller, who goes under the name Sidney77 Tan Lines on the Reddit used panties forum, has been selling used masks for about three months.

She says buyers like her masks because " they can share something very private and intimate with me right out in the open, in public."

In her ad, she writes: “How about I spice your mask up a bit? You can go anywhere in the world and have a dirty little secret. Your mask looks ordinary, but little do they know, the inside of your mask smells like my p***y!”

She adds: “I will of course use your mask to masturbate and take some hot pics before sealing it up and shipping it…”

It should be noted, though, that Covid-19 can remain active on many surfaces for quite long periods, and can in particular be transmitted via traces of fecal matter on used knickers and other fabrics.

The Daily Star recommends readers take extra care with personal hygiene during the pandemic, and don't share masks or other intimate garments with anyone.

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