Facial tattoo gallery exposes the strangest and downright silliest inkings

People get terrible facial tattoos for all sorts of reasons. 18-year-old Lesya Toumaniantz, for example, made headlines around the world when she allowed her then-boyfriend Rouslan to tattoo his name across her face in gothic script.

At that point they’d been together for just over a day. And for some reason he spelled it “Ruslan".

That story had a happy ending though. Lesya and Rouslan married in 2013 and appear to still be together.

However, it was a different story for another woman, Kimberley Vlaeminckin.

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She paid him to tattoo a couple of stars on her face and then, she claimed, fell asleep only to wake up with a constellation of 56 stars all over her cheeks.

Rouslan rejected her account, saying: "She was awake the whole time, I don't use hypnosis or drugs. She agreed to it. The problems started when her father and his friend saw the tattoos."

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Kimberley later retracted her story, and paid to have the inkings removed.

But there’s no denying if you do choose to have a tattoo on your face, it’s going to affect your future employment opportunities.

One career path unaffected by obvious facial inkings is petty criminal.

No matter how many tattoos you have on your face, and no matter how poorly spelled they are, there are still numerous opportunities in the breaking-and-entering and street robbery fields.

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Unfortunately, facial tattoos also make you particularly identifiable, which often leads in turn to fairly prompt arrest.

And, naturally, the police will want a snapshot of you as a souvenir of your visit the cells. Here are a few of the more memorable facially-tattooed mugshots of recent years.

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