Experts share simple boiler tips that can slash bills by £840 a year

Martin Lewis explains the boiler challenge

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Experts have revealed how you can make simple changes to your boiler in order to save cash on energy bills amid the cost of living crisis. Following Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s announcement that the Energy Price Guarantee will go up from £2,500 to £3,000 from April, many families may be concerned by the £500 rise amid a period where soaring inflation is already forcing Britons to dig deeper into their pockets. But experts from BOXT have revealed how it could be possible to soften the blow of the surging energy costs.

One of BOXT’s key tips involves ensuring that your boiler is A-rated for efficiency. The experts say this could save over £800 a year, which could prove vital as surging prices will continue to stretch household budgets for at least the next 12 months. 

A combi boiler has two dials, one with a small tap icon and another which is for heating that normally has a small radiator icon. As explained in Octopus Energy’s video on TikTok, this “controls the temperature your boiler heats up the water to before sending it off to your radiators”.

Most gas boilers are set to heat up the water to 80C, but this is actually far higher than is required as most boilers have flow temperatures that operate between 80C and 30C. 

Octopus Energy suggests that this should be turned down to 60C, around halfway, or to number three. However, every boiler is different, so the energy firm advises people to follow their own instructions. 

Some boilers may only have one dial that is just for heating the flow temperatures, but households are advised to ensure that the dial is kept above 55C to avoid the risk of bugs building up in the water. 

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