Elvis alive conspiracy reignites over claims Priscilla Presley ‘admitted’ theory

Elvis Presley's death has been scrutinised and questioned for years, with many fans believing he faked his fatal heart attack in order to escape the limelight and the growing pressures of fame.

As a result, since that day in August 1977, conspiracy theories have continued to thrive.

Believers have questioned how the music icon might still be alive, with numerous devotees of The King swearing they've seen him in public in the decades since.

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But, while many sightings have been dismissed as crackpot claims – or, at the very least, wishful thinking on behalf of those who adored him – a slip of the tongue by someone close to the star has caused even the most hardcore doubters to think twice.

Ahead of the release of Baz Luhrmann's Elvis biopic, Daily Star looks at bonkers claims that the singer's ex-wife Priscilla had previously admitted the theory.

In one TV interview with Priscilla from several years ago, fans were given a new glimmer of hope that their idol was still alive after she supposedly "slipped up".

During the chat on a US talk show she was asked by the host what Elvis would have thought about the public's enduring obsession with him.

And, in response to the question, she said: "He will… He would not believe it.

"I mean truly he would not believe it."

A genuine mistake, perhaps, but the hesitation and use of the present tense were enough to convince many that their beliefs were correct.

And it wasn't the first time it has happened either. In a CNN special from 2007 she stated that Elvis "loves football," as opposed to 'loved', following a question about why he had so many television sets at home.

The clip, which was posted to YouTube back in 2013 with the caption 'Elvis Presley is alive – Priscilla slips up' – caused a sensation, as did her 2005 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show with daughter Lisa Marie.

In a now-notorious moment, Priscilla was heard saying, "That’s exactly what he said the other day" in reference to her ex, implying she'd spoken to him not too long ago.

"Elvis is still alive," commented one viewer straight afterwards, while another posted, "Busted, I believe he is alive too."

Elvis tied the knot with Priscilla in 1967 – ten years before his death – and the couple remained very close despite divorcing after only six years.


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