Elle Brooke’s mass kissing session sees her having to explain OnlyFans to bloke

Elle Brooke has found herself explaining to a lad what OnlyFans is before snogging him in a YouTube video.

The adult star, who has built a massive social media following, has released another 'Love at First Kiss' episode in which two women and several fellas one by one, approach her for a smooch.

Elle describes the episode as "cringeworthy but addictive viewing of me lipsing off with lucky (or unlucky in some cases) members of the public!"

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With each candidate making conversation with the Manchester City fan before going in for a kiss, with number three in line deciding to ask what her favourite position is.

Never one to dodge the hard questions, Elle answered openly "missionary but spicy", however IT worker Nathan drew blank when hit with the same probe.

Nevertheless Elle told him that she had him down as a "doggy" kind of man before asking him if he would "date an OnlyFans girl".

Nathan innocently replied: "I don't know what OnlyFans is I'm afraid, so…"

"Sell nudes on the internet," a laughing Elle swiftly filled in, prompting her kissing candidate to exclaim "oh" in surprise.

Nathan said: "Yep, possibly, possibly. I'd consider it."

Ever the charmer, Elle told how she isn't into one night stands and instead likes funny guys who Nathan appears to be, she says.

Then comes the awkward kiss initiated with a "can I kiss you" and a whole lot of tongue action with far too much volume for comfort.

"That was nice, that was really nice" Elle said as Nathan walked off with a spring in his step.

Six more men followed and it is fair to say the last looked to go down a treat, with Elle even going in for more when the bloke asked if he had to leave.

Commenting on the video, someone wrote: "This is amazing fair play to her. She’s making some lonely guys very happy and she’s hot as hell. Fair play Elle."

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