Distraught woman accidentally gets ‘meow’ tattooed on outside of lip

A young woman was left in tears after her attempt to get a tattoo went horribly wrong, leaving her with a disfigured face. Wilma Hägglund, from Sweden, decided she wanted the word “meow” tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip. However, the tattoo artist completely botched the job, inking the word instead on the outside of her lip.

Taking to TikTok she vented her anger, saying: “He tattooed on the wrong place in my f****** mouth.”

She then showed a photo of the original design she had wanted to replicate, before letting viewers see what had happened to her.

The clip has since gone viral, though many are wondering how on earth she didn’t realise that the tattoo artist had gone rogue.

Some asked whether she had been drunk at the time, while others blamed her for not making it clear what she wanted.

One social media user commented: “Were you passed out during [it]?

“How do you not feel the placement difference?

“Didn’t you have to hold your lip open? HOW girl, how?”

Another said: “I’m literally mad that you just didn’t notice or say anything like this is on you.”

“Why… Did you not notice they were tattooing it outside?” a third asked.

Wilma is not the only unfortunate person to have a bad experience while getting a tattoo.

A woman was left distraught last April when a tattoo artist made a mess of a Medusa design she had asked for.

Aleyna Renae provided a detailed picture of the mythical woman and her hair of snakes.

However, her Medussa bore little resemblance to the original with its wonky eyes and poor shading.

Posting a photo of the tattoo to social media, she wrote in an accompanying caption: “And the tattoo artist has been blowing up my phone and gaslighting me.”

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