Diana would have told Harry to think again about moving to US, says ex-bodyguard

Princess Diana would have made son Harry and Meghan Markle think twice about swapping the firm for sunny California, her former bodyguard claims.

Ex-Royal Protection Officer, Ken Wharfe, says the decision made behind Megxit in early 2020 was made as a result of Prince Harry not having a "true family ally" like his late mother, OK! Magazine reports.

Comparing the Duke of Sussex to his older brother, royal expert Jennie Bond describes Harry as fiery but fragile like Diana unlike Prince William who carries more of the Windsor gene.

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Jennie's analysis ties in with Ken's claims that no one comes close in the Royal Family to what Diana would have offered as a best friend to Harry, who would have made him think more about staying in the UK.

Speaking to GB News, Jennie Bond said: "I think Harry is very much the Spencer of the two of them. William is the Windsor. Harry is fiery, he is impetuous, he is vulnerable, he is fragile, very much in the way Diana was.

"He's complex in the way that Diana [was]. Diana was a very complex woman, absolutely likeable, lovable but difficult. Harry’s forging his own way in much the same way as his mother did."

When asked by OK! Magazine about Megxit, Ken said: "She might well have said: 'Well, if this is what you want, fine. But let’s think about it first and foremost.'"

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He continued: "I think what Harry was lacking was a true family ally. It seems to me that he was quite impetuous about wanting to leave and needed some advice.

"Diana would have been of great value to him because she would have understood the situation.

"But equally, she would have realised that upping and leaving the country might not have been the best decision at the time.

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"What he wanted was someone he could totally trust," he said, before adding: "Diana would have been his best friend.

"More so than anybody, he missed the advice and love of his mother. She would have been a consoling and supportive influence."

Wharfe went on to explain his thoughts on Meghan, saying that she was "the change we all wanted" in the Royal Family but that something went terribly wrong following that historic day.

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He told the magazine: "His wedding at St George’s Chapel was the change we all wanted. The Royal Family wouldn’t have put that together if they didn’t want it to work. But something clearly went wrong and I guess it goes back to this popularity thing.

He continued: "Diana experienced the same thing. Harry’s decided to say, for some reason: 'We’re out of here, we don’t like the way we’ve been treated.'

"He said he wanted to do it because he didn’t want the same thing to happen to Meghan as happened to his mother. That’s confusing, because I don’t think that’s likely."


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