Daily Star lettuce drag queen reckons she’d have outlasted ‘b*tch’ PM Liz Truss

A drag queen who performed as the Daily Star lettuce reckons she'd have definitely outlasted Liz Truss as prime minister.

Last month Truss resigned as Conservative Party leader and PM after just 44 days – making her the shortest serving PM in British history.

It marked an iconic victory for our 60p lettuce from Tesco, which we pitted against Truss in a live-streamed contest to see who would wilt first.

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The historic moment in political history served as inspiration for Tonic Garbáge, 26, a British drag queen living in Prague, Czech Republic.

She told the Daily Star: "I saw the lettuce that outlasted Liz Truss and I was doing a drag show in Prague, so I thought why not mix the two together and do a performance as the lettuce that outlasted Liz Truss?

"I played a news story of her getting outlasted by a lettuce and then I came on to a song called ‘Champion’, as the champion that was the lettuce."

Tonic appeared on stage in a smart green and black get-up, similar to some of the outfits Truss has worn in the past, sporting a face of green makeup and a wig made from real lettuce.

"The lettuce wig that I made was made out of duct tape and three lettuces that I bought from the supermarket," she explained.

"I had to duct tape the lettuce to my head and then use spray glue on the top lettuce leaves."

Tonic said she slipped a plastic bag over her head before putting the wig on to avoid an extremely painful removal process.

She kept the wig in a fridge prior to her performance to prevent it from wilting like the former PM.

Although clearly a bit of fun, Tonic said her lettuce-inspired drag reflected on the dire state of UK politics and spoke in part to why she decided to move to the Czech Republic.

"Liz is like, such a pathetic prime minister generally. It was stupid that she literally got outlasted by a lettuce," the drag queen said.

"British politics has been so dumb over the past 10 years – that’s kind of why I moved away – so to just make fun of it from a distance is the best."

Tonic, who made it clear she thinks Truss "is a b*tch", also reckons she'd have done a better job running the country.

When asked whether she'd have outlasted Truss' embarrassingly short tenure, Tonic said: "Oh yeah definitely – the drag queens are going to outlast all the prime ministers!"

Tonic shared images from her performance (snapped by photographer @aneta_zame) on her Instagram page and wrote: "I am the Romain to her leave.

"I am the iceberg to her Titanic.

"I am the arugula to her arugu-nah, and when the nuclear apocalypse comes it will be only me and cockroaches leaft!"

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