Brittany Mahomes Is Every Expectant Mom Who Is Just Ready to Be Done Already

Pregnancy is a whirlwind of emotions (the hormone rush definitely contributes to this!). From seeing your baby on an ultrasound to feeling the flutters of their kicks, it’s truly magical…most of the time. But sometimes, pregnancy just plain sucks. The backaches, heartburn, round ligament pain, swollen ankles, and insomnia can feel never-ending — add a needy toddler on top of that and it’s downright draining. Brittany Mahomes can relate. She’s nearing the eviction stage of pregnancy with her second baby with husband Patrick Mahomes, and she just wants to be done.

“I am very ready to not be pregnant incase anyone was wondering ,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday, and moms everywhere knew exactly where she was coming from. In fact, the more pregnancies you have, the faster the wanting-to-be-done stage seems to get!

Brittany, who also shares daughter Sterling, 1, with Patrick, is expecting a baby boy in early 2023. But while she looks amazing, she doesn’t feel amazing. Many people took to the comments with their well wishes.

“Every woman who’s been pregnant feels this way towards the end, for sure,” one person wrote, and it’s so true. “Hang in there and enjoys big Sis as your only while you can. Hugs to you!”

Another wrote, “You are doing fabulous!!! Your sweet baby boy will be here before you know it! You got this girl!”

“Eviction notice has been given!” someone said. “So remember those days! Exciting times!!!”

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Unfortunately, some people were a little judgy about her comment (because god forbid a pregnant woman complain about anything!).

“I love your family but it’s tacky to complain about being pregnant when many woman struggle so much to get pregnant at all. Not a good look,” one person wrote. Another said, “No not really interested at all. Thank you from someone who couldn’t You really are tone deaf.” As if feeling tired of pregnancy in any way negates the struggles many women go through to conceive (it doesn’t!).

Pregnancy always seems to take forever when you’re in it, but it’s all worth it when your newborn baby is snuggled safely in your arms. Take heart, you’re almost there!

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