Builder impaled to the face by metal bar in horror fall miraculously survives

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    A builder who was impaled to the face by a steel bar – which stopped inches away from his brain – has had a close brush with death.

    Celal Sayar had a horror fall at a building site and fell straight onto the metal bar which buried itself into his cheek and behind his eyes.

    Grim pictures reveal Celal laying helplessly on a hospital bed with the massive piece of steel protruding from the right side of his face.

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    Just how lucky he was to be alive following the terrifying ordeal was revealed on X-ray images dated November 19 – the bar had pierced his cheekbone and penetrated behind his eye sockets just inches away from the 39-year-old's brain.

    The accident occurred at a construction site in Giresun, north-eastern Turkey.

    Celal was first taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a larger hospital in Samsun nearly three hours away by car.

    Thankfully medical experts were able to remove the concrete bracing rebar from his face, before he was then treated in the intensive care unit.

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    It's not currently known what his condition is, or whether he has been discharged.

    According to a report by the Workers' Health and Work Safety Assembly, one worker died every four hours in an occupational accident in Turkey last year.

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    The second-highest number of deaths – 335 – occurred in the construction sector.

    Meanwhile, an eight-year-old girl in India fell victim to a similar horror injury when she was out playing with her friends.

    Rather than a bar impaling her cheek, Taiba was left with a spike protruding out of her mouth after falling on the rod while playing on a building site.

    Medics saved the young girl from what the lead doctor described as "most grievous case he's encountered in his professional life".

    Despite the gruesome impaling on October 4, the rod luckily just about missed Taiba's vital nerves and blood vessels to the brain and she was talking within eight hours.

    She's now recovering at home and is expected make a full recovery.

    Dr Rajkumar Koli, who led the operation, said: "It was the most grievous case I’ve encountered in my professional life.

    "The rod had firmly got stuck, and to loosen I had to make a 1cm cut and pulled the rod out slowly.

    "The procedure took only about 35 minutes."


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