Brit bloke running length of Africa says he’s ‘leaking out of both ends’

A British bloke running the length of Africa has revealed a rather grim update after admitting he is "leaking out of both ends".

Russell Cook is on Day 26 of his run around the continent, but it appears life on the road so far has taken its toll.

Discussing the "terrible scenes" of "poo and chun" on his Twitter feed, the 26-year-old marathon runner left nothing to the imagination as he detailed every last drop of what his running extremes had caused.

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Despite his ailments and leakage, Russell appears content to carry on with the run, saying he will be setting course to continue his journey later in the day, just hours after a "big Tesco" dream.

He tweeted: "Day 26 of running the entire length of Africa. Leaking out of both ends this morning. Poo & chun everywhere. Terrible scenes. Strategising [sic] game plan to get on road stomping late."

Russell ended his tweet with a saluting emote, and for a man pooing and vomiting his way across Africa, a formal mark of respect such as a salute is certainly fitting.

Twitter users were keen to lift Russell's spirits after a morning of discharge, with one user writing: "Tough days – hang in there, you're inspiring us all."

But Russell's dream of a "big Tesco" with a "meal deal in hand" could have prompted some stomach troubles through the night after he was left "quite sad" by the lack of "hoisin or duck".

A few other users asked whether it was a Cornish pasty Russell had his eye on earlier in the run, with one adding: "Was it one of those sketchy Cornish pasties you had your eye on a couple of days ago."

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The Daily Star recently spoke to Russell when he was not hurling up or defecating out, where he revealed what pushed him into running from South Africa to Tunisia.

He said: "I was waking up every day at like 4am to go and scrub floors and clean toilets, and that was the same time I started picking up running properly, so I got a few pennies together and thought 'f*** it'.

"I’ve done lots of different bulls**t jobs, but none of them were very soul nourishing."

Hopefully Russell has since secured some nourishment for his leaky start to Day 26, as he sets off on a run he believes will be wrapped up in time for Christmas.

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