Blue Origin launch video: Watch the stunning moment Jeff Bezos launched into space

Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos launches into space on New Shepard rocket

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Jeff Bezos successfully blasted into space on Tuesday July 20, accompanied by his brother, and 18-year-old student, and space race pioneer Wally Funk, 82. Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket launched at 2.12pm near Van Horn, Texas.

The billionaire launched into space after years of preparation.

The crew travelled in a capsule that had the largest windows ever flown in space.

It took just over 10 minutes for the New Shepard to safely return to Earth.

The trip meant Funk was the oldest person to travel into space, while the student, Oliver Daemen, was the youngest.

After emerging from the capsule, Bezos said: “It was the best day ever.”

It was a “very happy crew”, the Amazon founder added, and that he felt “unbelievably good”.

Blue Origin’s flight was to test its plan to offer space tourism trips in the future.

The space company has already opened up sales for future tourist flights – although it’s not clear how much it costs.

Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos returns in New Shepard capsule

The rocket successfully separated slightly before the crew reached the Karman Line.

The Karman Line is the internationally accepted boundary of space – roughly 62 miles above ground.

Bezos and his crew experienced weightlessness for between three and four minutes at an altitude of almost 67 miles.

The crew could be heard shouting and celebrating as they floated around the capsule.

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