Bloke named Khia banned from touching cars mocked by jokers guessing what he did

A man with an unfortunately apt name has become the butt of online jokes after being banned from touching cars.

Khia Roberts appeared in court yesterday (Thursday, September 29) for a number of offences and was sentenced to a total of 18 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months.

Roberts remains the subject of a criminal behaviour order due to his repeat offending which bans him from touching any motor vehicle or being on any private dwelling without the express permission of the owner.

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The order remains in place until November 23, 2024. Merseyside Police took to Facebook to share the news of Roberts' conviction.

The Sefton Police Facebook post said: "Merseyside Police welcome the sentence today, Thursday 29th September 2022, of Khia Roberts, for a number of offences."

With his name being similar to car manufacturer Kia, social media users couldn't help but crack jokes at the man's misfortune as the post was flooded with hundreds of comedic car-related gags.

Robert Knowles said: "Give the man a brake…. and show some compression.." Sean Mulligan added: "Poor fella looks 'Exhausted'."

David Burton joked: "Looks like he needs a brake from cars for a bit." Meanwhile, Craig Jones added: "It's not his problem he's got the horn."

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Another user, named Mark Hill, quipped: "He may need the RAC, probably had a breakdown." Paul Cummins added: "I wouldn’t want to bumper in too him."

While the specifics of the man's offences remain unclear, many commenters suggested that it had something to do with car's exhaust pipes, while the jokes continued.

Wendy Johnson said: "He's defo been sucking on the exhaust pipe." Jay Murphy wrote: "He's been getting frisky with the old waste pipe/exhaust."

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Craig Carr seemed to think it was a growing problem, as he added: "What’s he been doing? Sticking his fingers in the exhaust? Motor Pervs… They’re becoming more popular."

Merseyside Police also confirmed that Roberts will be subject to a 12 week electronically monitored curfew from 7pm to 7am which will last until December 21, 2022.

He has also been fined more than £250 and is required to attend rehabilitation activities.


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