Bloke got facial paralysis ‘after no sleep for week to binge World Cup games’

A football-made bloke has been been left with facial paralysis because he attempted to bing-watch as many World Cup games as possible – without sleeping.

The 26-year-old Chinese man named only as Mr Cao is from Wuhan in the Hubei province of the country.

Local media reports claim that he slept for just two hours ever day of the group stage period of the World Cup in Qatar.

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At the time, games were taking place from 10am (UK time) straight through to the final game of the day ending almost around 12 hours later.

In China, the games would take place from 6pm to 6am – and he would then set off to work on his motorbike and complete a full day of work, only to repeat the entire process once more, day after day, for an entire week, despite his home country not actually taking part in the tournament finals.

Speaking to local media, Mr Cao said: “On November 30, I slept for two hours after watching the match, and when I woke up, I felt extremely tired.”

He believed it was because he had not slept much, so he simply went about his day.

But after some cold air blew in his face, he felt his lips suddenly tilting to the side, and for some reason, he was unable to move his eyelids.

“I didn’t think much about it and decided to rest for a bit in the office,” he added.

“But after a while, my condition didn’t seem to improve and it was affecting my work progress.”

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He went to the local hospital where he was diagnosed with facial palsy.

The doctor told him that his lack of sleep combined with the cold breeze caused him to lose control of half his face.

Mr Cao is now undergoing acupuncture treatment and does frequent facial massages to regain his facial control.

He said that the treatments have proved quite helpful and he now urges netizens to take better care of themselves.

Facial paralysis of this kind is not permanent, and will eventually right itself given the correct treatment.

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