Blind Golden Retriever wears ‘basketball hoop’ to stop her bumping into things

The owners of an adorable Golden Retriever who was born blind have bought her a basketball hoop-like instrument to stop her from bumping into things.

Lovey does not let her blindness stop her from having fun. And the one-year-old pup loves to go outside, explore the garden and play with her big dog brothers.

Her blindness was a result of hydrocephalus, a brain condition. Even though she is as enthusiastic as the next pup, her condition can result in her bumping into people and things.

However her owners have bought her a Muffins Halo, which is a device that helps prevent injuries in blind dogs, reports TeamDogs.

The accessory looks like a basketball hoop, with the metal loop protruding further than her face so that it bumps into objects before she does.

Her owner shared an adorable video to their TikTok account which showed Lovey playing in the garden and bumping into a telegraph pole with the halo on.

The video has since been viewed over 60,000 times.

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One user joked: “She’s like ‘wow, I literally did NOT see that coming’”, to which her owner responded, “We make blind jokes too!”

Another said: “A running basketball hoop!”

One added: “Out there playing bumper cars full speed with that post!”

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