Bird flu panic: Scots outbreak declared ‘national emergency’ – tourists banned from isles

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Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland officer Dave Sexton said that the outbreak is of significant concern that has left him feeling “helpless”.

He told STV News: “We’re getting more and more birds washing up, seabirds mostly, and we really need the government to develop a national wild bird response plan. 

“It’s not good enough to say we can’t do anything. It feels pretty helpless when there are dead and dying birds around, but there are things we can do.”


A spokesperson for the Scottish Government told STV News that it is “taking the situation very seriously and is working with partner organisations to monitor and respond.”

The authorities, they added, are “recognising the importance of communication and coordination in preparedness and response.

“The newly-established Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) task force set up by NatureScot will coordinate activity to monitor and respond to the current HPAI outbreak which is impacting wild bird populations in Scotland.”

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