‘Big cat’ filmed roaming field after couple find footprints and dead chicken

A couple believe they have captured a "big cat" sprinting across a field behind their garden after re-watching their security camera.

Chris and his partner, who live in Frodsham in Cheshire, had found a dead chicken and a few sets of footprints earlier that morning on Thursday, March 18.

Cheshire Live report they then decided to check their Ring camera footage.

The clip, shared to North Wales Puma Watch Facebook group, appears to capture a mysterious black animal appearing from in the field at the right corner of the frame.

The creature prances through the area and disappears behind the tree line when it ducks below a fence.

Convinced it was a big cat, Chris said: "We found a dead chicken late morning and then looking back at our CCTV saw a mysterious black animal on our paddock at around 6.20am.

"The chicken body was found on the path that this animal takes and there are a few footprints left behind too.

"It’s black and too big to be a house cat."

Members from the watch group tried to determine the size of the animal and argued whether it could be any domestic animals.

One said: "Initial thoughts are that this is quite interesting as the movement and speed suggest feline however, I’d need to see frame by frame – could even be a deer."

"It does look large but the fact it went under the fence rather than jumping it says large domestic to me," a second wrote. "Although you will know better about the size of the fence and the gap underneath so depends on that really…"

This is not the first time a "black cat" has been spotted in the area. Last week, a photographer captured a black "feline" roaming near Ham Mill Lane in the village of Thrupp, Gloucestershire.

Another resident living in northeast Wales claimed he saw a black "puma" strolling in a field when he was out for a walk with his dog.

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