One bedroom flat on sale for £14k with spacious lounge and garden

If you fancy becoming a homeowner, then you may want to check out this great deal.

A one-bedroom flat, which is already in a liveable condition is being sold for just £14,000.

The small flat in Falkirk, Scotland, is cheaper than a cost of a deposit for a one-bed flat in London.

For example, a deposit for a one-bed flat in Purley Way, Croydon, South London, could be as much as £14,750 with a mortgage of £162,250.

The property, which is up for auction, comes with amenities such as central heating and a communal garden.

The modest flat, which is situated at 24 Birnam Place, Ladysmill, Falkirk.

It is described as an "investment opportunity", as long-term tenants already live in it.

The tenants have lived there since 2018 and it was valued at £35,000.

The property comes with a bedroom, front room, kitchen and bathroom.

It is being sold on Friday (April 9) by Future Property Auctions and has already attracted bidders.

Auctioneers suggested it was ideal for buy-to-let landlords.

General manager John Morris said: "The property is offered at a very attractive price.

"We have already received several bids to buy it before it goes to the auction.

"The property will be sold to the highest bidder on at the auction on Friday the 9th of April.

"The property is attractively priced and has a home report of £35,000 so is being offered over 50 per cent below its true value.

"With a long term tenant in the property it is a easy affordable investment that is sure to do the buyer well."

What are you waiting for? Get bidding!

The news comes after one of the contenders for Home of the Year divided opinion.

The quirky property, which has a completely black exterior, has got people talking.

It seems many were baffled as a grand piano in the house was placed in the middle of the kitchen like an island, complete with a chopping board on top of it.

Now we've never seen that before, but each to their own!

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