Beachgoers have ‘new fear unlocked’ as man catches bizarre worms by water

A man has warned people to be careful next time they go to a beach as he pulled out of a monster worm from sand.

The TikToker, who posted as "TightLinez" on the video-sharing platform, uploaded a few clips titling "beach worms".

In the video, the bloke went to Manly beach in Australia and placed a fish on the sand near the water.

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Within seconds, a mysterious, alien-looking bug emerged and sucked on the fish.

The man attempted to use a pair of mini pliers to clip on the bug but it got away.

He then repositioned the bait to lure the worm and this time, he wasted no time to catch the bug.

As he pulled it out, it revealed its metre-long body.

Viewers were shocked when they saw the caught worm, saying: "New fear unlocked."

One wrote: "All those times I dug my toes in the sand… Whole kingdom of creatures down there."

"Never walking barefoot on the sand again," another added.

A third realised the resemblance of the worm to a fictional character in Spongebob, commenting: "Oh my God. That’s what was on SpongeBob!"

The TikToker made a reference to the cartoon and called it "Alaskan bull worm".

He then explained he usually uses the worm as fishing bait afterwards.

And a viewer saw the irony of it, sharing: "You use a fish as bait to catch the worm so you can use the worm as a bait for fishing."

"Catch fish with small worm. Use said fish to catch big worm. Use big worm to catch big fish. Got it!" one acknowledged.

The beach worms, which are native to Australia, also left people to re-consider visiting the country.

"Why is Australia full of scary things? Crocodiles, sharks, snakes and now beach worms," one TikToker wrote.

Another said: "I've never visit Australia again."

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