Author who faked her own death ‘resurrected’ years later to write more books

A highly-successful romance author has come back to life more than two years after faking her own death. . . so that she can write more books.

Fans of Susan Meachen thought she had died by suicide in 2020 after her daughter posted the news on social media.

It was claimed that her daughter logged into her Facebook account to post that she had died.

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She wrote in October, 2020: “Sorry thought everyone on this page knew my mom passed away.

“Dead people don't post on social media.

I've been on this account for a week now finishing her last book, my wedding gift from her.”

But the real author – who wrote Chance Encounter and Losing Him and Finding You – shockingly returned earlier this week.

Posting once again on Facebook in a private writing group called The Ward, she said: “I debated on how to do this a million times and still not sure if it's right or not.

“There's going to be tons of questions and a lot of people leaving the group I'd guess. but my family did what they thought was best for me and I can't fault them for it.

“I almost died again at my own hand and they had to go through all that hell again.

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“Returning to The Ward doesn't mean much, but I am in a good place now, and I am hoping to write again – let the fun begin.”

The news of her bizarre return has been greeted with anger by fans and contemporaries.

One said: “After a deep dive of her socials it’s clear she had $ issues. Authors had a prior Gofundme and brought in $1700 for her.

“After she 'died', there was an auction and proceeds went to family for her burial.

“Then the 'final' book was pumped up by them to help her fam – TLDR, YES scam.”

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And another posted: “I’m seriously wondering if the daughter’s profile was real or if she created a whole-ass family online.

“Even if she has a daughter by that name, does anyone actually know that’s her profile?

“This is so bats**t.”

Oddly, it actually later emerged that the woman had been on TikTok the entire time – and posted content on a regular basis after her “death” to her tiny audience of around 45 followers.

Her last post was January, 2022 – around 14 months after she “died”.

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