Nutritionist warns against fad Lion Diet that's all over TikTok

It’s Veganuary and many of us are tucking into our veggies and tofu, giving plant-based a try – but over on TikTok, it’s a different story.

The ‘lion diet’ – also know as the ‘carnivore diet’ – is gaining in popularity, with the #liondiet being viewed over 19million views.

According to proponents, it involves eating only salt, red meat and drinking water for at least one month… and that’s it.

While you’d be forgiven for immediately reaching for the broccoli, fans claim it helps your cognitive function, reduces bloating and increases energy levels. Some also say that it ‘cures’ autoimmune diseases, allergies and intolerances.

But those in the know have been quick to question the validity of these claims, and are keen to warn people off eating like a lion.

Carnivore diet was a game changer to my cognitive functioning, bloating, sleeping and energy levels. If you wanna know more ask away 😊🥩 #carnivore #keto #motivation

Claudia Le Feuvre, a nutritionist at Goldster spoke about the negative impacts of the viral diet.  

She said: ‘Beef is a very low allergenic food so while the lion diet might feel like an easy and good solution for people with IBS, underlying food intolerances, and inflammation triggered by the food allergens, it is not a long-term or healthy solution.

‘The biggest risk is that if you’re only eating beef, you are missing out on other nutrients like healthy fats, fibre and all the vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables. 

‘In the long run, you could develop a significant nutrient deficiency.’

There were some claims on TikTok that people had been living on the lion diet – which have caused many to question the accuracy of these statements.

Claudia said: ‘We don’t fully know the long-term consequences of this diet, but we know that salt is not helpful for fluid retention and blood pressure, so I wouldn’t recommend people to try out this trend.

‘I understand that people are doing it because it provides temporary relief from some of their symptoms, but there are far more superior ways of identifying and addressing underlying food intolerances and what the triggers are.  

Replying to @Chef guez Day 6 of 30 Days of the Carnivore GAPS Diet. Nothing very exciting happened today tbh. Just been grinding out content and building the infrastructure/behind the scenes of this new thing we got going on. Will start prioritising sleep once I am on top of all the videos and editing and new website with recipes and all the stuff involved for Rory’s Kitchen. I would not recommend doing a life changing protocol and doing daily content in this style with it too 💀😂 At least my skin didn’t break out like it normally does. That’s a plus. Still tired af and not feeling like doing anything physical. I’m sure it’s just a phase. C u for day 7. Oh and I’m filming YT vids in a couple of days for y’all to answer all your questions finally! #roryskitchen #carnivorediet #liondiet #theliondiet #gapsdiet #gutandphysiologysyndrome #gutandpsychologysyndrome #guthealth #grumpyguts #thecarnivorediet

If you’re battling food intolerances or autoimmune diseases and you’re unsure how to eat to combat your symptoms then speak to your GP.

It also worth asking a dietician or nutritionist and seeking expert help, rather than turning to a fad diet. It can do much more harm than good.

Claudia said: ‘The long-term results and consequences from this are likely to include: halitosis (bad breath), piles, high cholesterol, constipation, haemorrhoids and very low energy because they’re missing a lot of the fibre and good nutrients from carbohydrates.

‘So, in short I’m not a fan and would highly recommend people skip it.’

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