Asda delivery driver caught with pants down after ‘taking poo’ and wiping bum

An Asda delivery driver has been defended after a customer filmed him appearing to have a poo on the job.

In a video that dropped jaws as low as the supermarket worker's pants, a uniformed driver was recorded wiping his bum behind his van's open passenger door.

He went on to drop the dirtied loo roll onto the floor and pull his underwear and trousers back up before getting on with the job at hand in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, on November 3, 2021, Examiner Live reported.

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The clip went viral a year ago this week but not everyone was as disgusted as the customer behind the camera as many shared empathy with the man who appeared to be "caught short".

Asda explained at the time that the actions shown fell foul of its employee standards but a spokesman has since declined to comment on the result of the supermarket giant's internal investigation.

Reacting to the story, one person commented: "This could have been an absolute emergency. And now thanks to you this poor fella might be out of a job as people have said he could just have had a sweaty bum crack."

Another shared their own experience of needing to go while at work, they wrote: "I will hold my hands up, I did it whilst working as a street cleaner.

"Mind you I was battling bowel cancer at the time, so couldn't make the mile to get to the nearest public toilet. I then did the right thing and cleaned it up. This man should have a right to explain himself, but no excuse if he left it their."

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Instead of the Asda worker receiving flack from readers, it was the person behind the camera was was slammed by some people.

At least the customer saved the driver some dignity by censoring his identity with a vomiting emoji.

Someone fumed: "What was the customer doing videoing anyway… Creepy if ya ask me and secondly the customer should have checked for evidence of poo before probably getting this poor fella fired before Christmas!! Like others have said, probably just a sweaty bum crack lol."

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"I would think nearly everyone knows how it feels to almost be caught short sometimes when you gotta go you gotta go," a third said. "I agree with previous posts filming it or taking photos of this is just plain weird."

An Asda spokesperson said last November: ''The actions in this video fall far below the standards that we expect of our drivers and as soon as were made aware of the footage we immediately launched an internal investigation.''

A year later they told the Daily Star that internal action would not be shared publicly, and so it remains unclear whether the pooing driver held onto their position at Asda.


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