Apple's rumoured over-ear headphones will be called AirPods Studio

Apple’s rumoured over-ear headphones will be called AirPods Studio, feature head and neck sensors and can be worn ‘backwards’

  • Apple is believed to be developing over-ear headphones called ‘AirPods Studio’  
  • In-built sensors will detect which way round on a person’s head they are 
  • They will also be able to automatically pause when removed from the ears or from around the neck  

Apple’s hotly anticipated over-ear headphones will be fitted with sensors to make them the most high-tech on the market, according to a report.

Several leaks have previously claimed the tech giant is working to expand its audio range following the success of the in-ear AirPods. 

According to 9to5Mac, the hardware will be called AirPods Studio and feature sensors which detect when the headphones are on the head or neck of the wearer.

They will also be able to sense which way round the headphones have been placed on a person’s head and stream the audio to the left and right ear automatically, eradicating the issue of putting headphones on ‘backwards’. 

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Various over-ear headphone options exist on the market at the moment but Apple has yet to release its own equipment. It is believed to be working on the headphones at the moment to expand its range of audio equipment following the success of the AirPods (stock photo)

It is believed the headphones, which have not yet been announced by Apple, will automatically pause music when they are removed.

The current AirPods have a similar feature called ear detection which pauses the music when the earphones are removed. 

Another sensor dubbed ‘neck detection’ will likely keep the headset turned on but pause the music when the earphones have been taken off and are resting around a wearer’s neck.  

A separate study will detect the difference between left and right ears and direct the stereo sound accordingly, according to reports.  

This will do away with any left or right labelled headphones as the sensor will ensure there is no ‘wrong’ way to wear them. 

According to sources, Apple’s new headphones will have Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode just like its in-ear AirPods. 

The headphones are expected to be available in leather and also lightweight fitness-style materials, Bloomberg reports. 

No price has been announced yet but rumours claim they could retail at around $349.   

A release date also remains uncertain with no expected time-frame for the release of the new Apple accessory. 

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