Apocalyptic footage shows millions of insects swarming petrol station

Amazing footage shows a petrol station smothered in a swarm of millions of insects, with witnesses claiming it was "impossible to pump gas".

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @_ty.leo on July 4, the garage is engulfed in masses of flying bugs that have carpeted almost every inch of space.

The door to the garage has thousands of critters sticking to it and inside they crawl around on the floor.

Outside, the scenes are even more apocalyptic as a small child flails his arms around in a cloud of bugs while others blanket the floor he is standing on.

The camera then zooms in on the petrol pumps which are coated with hundreds of insects.

Loud bangs are heard in the background, like thunder.

"Never in my life have I ever saw this many bugs! Couldn’t even pump gas," the TikToker joked in the caption.

The clip was watched more than 5 million times on the video-sharing app and people were amazed at the sheer number of insects, with many finding it very creepy.

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One joked: "Someone send this out to Stephen King. Book out next fall."

"Straight out of Stranger Things," commented another user, referencing the iconic sci-fi horror series on Netflix.

A third user commented: "Just light the gas station on fire at this point."

People guessed the flying insects might be fishflies (also known as mayflies) which are common in the state of Michigan in the US.

Someone said: "Fishflies we have a whole festival for them in Michigan you have to shovel them like snow."

"The end times are coming!" wrote another user.

This comes after an apocalyptic locust plague turned the sky black as swarms ravaged the Middle East and Africa as conditions whipped up the perfect conditions for the bugs to breed.

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