Animal abusing adult star who dismembered gay lover now married to fellow inmate

A sick adult star killer murdered and dismembered his gay lover in horrific footage that saw him jailed for life.

Luka Magnotta, from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, brutally killed international student Jun Lin, 33, and cut up his body parts.

Magnotta, who is now 40, stabbed Lin to death in May, 2012, before mailing his body parts to elementary schools and government buildings.

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Lin had reportedly been looking for love on dating app Grindr, although Magnotta claimed the pair met on Craiglist when the victim responded to a sex and bondage post.

Magnotta had reportedly tried to break into the adult entertainment industry and shot dozens of pornographic materials to little success.

He also tried to work as a stripper and an escort and did appear in gay magazines under his pseudonym Jimmy.

The crime scene was discovered on May 29 but Magnotta had already fled the country to Paris on May 26, later sparking a huge manhunt once police identified him as a suspect.

He would eventually be caught a month later by Berlin cops at an internet cafe and was transferred to Berlin prison hospital on June 11.

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His sick crimes would be seen by the world as the murder of Lin had been filmed and uploaded to controversial shock site under the title ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’.

The footage showed a naked Lin tied to a bed in a murder that was branded to be inspired by the film Basic Instinct, according to the prosecution at the trial and reported by CBS.

Magnotta painted a screwdriver silver to look like an ice pick from the film, before stabbing Lin as he was tied to a bed.

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The video also showed Lins dismemberment in a video that was described as 10 minutes of torture.

His body parts were mailed around but cops only found Lin's head at the edge of a small lake in Montreal's Angrignon Park, after anonymous tip.

In 2014, Magnotta was found guilty of first degree murder, committing an indignity to a human body and publishing obscene material.

The manhunt for him also brought up his animal torture past as volunteers had spent years trying to catch him for his crimes.

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His sick animal abuse acts saw him suffocate two kittens in a plastic bag using a vacuum and drowning a cat in a bath.

Online activist dubbed him the Vacuum Kitten Killer" and the evilness of his crimes prompted a Netflix series ‘Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer’.

Magnotta remains in maximum security prison, Port-Cartier, in Quebec but leaked letters by the Toronto Sun showed he signed up to inmate dating website called Canadian Inmates Connect just a year after his sentencing.

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Montreal Gazette reported that Magnotta married fellow inmate Anthony Jolin on June 26, 2017.

In 2018, Magnotta shared life on the inside with the Toronto Sun where he spends most of his time playing video games.

He also said: “People need to be proud of their accomplishments. Know your value and share it with everyone.”

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