Andrew Tate and streamer chat to ‘Kim Jong-un’ – users say ‘we’re getting nuked’

A controversial streamer baffled internet users by interviewing "Kim Jong-un", with terrified viewers now fearing we could be "nuked".

Adin Ross smashed through Kick viewership records with the stream, which also featured disgraced media personality Andrew Tate. At its peak, more than 300,000 viewers tuned into the platform to watch the unusual live video.

Ross was permanently booted from Twitch in February of this year for "hateful conduct", but has since amassed a huge following on the rival platform. Its CEO, Eddie Craven, has even suggested the polarising internet star fly out to North Korea to stream with the country's supreme leader – despite branding Ross a "brand risk".

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Falling short of an audience with the dictator himself, Ross managed to bag himself time with a Kim Jong-un lookalike by the name of Howard X, a professional impersonator who can be booked for appearances through Cameo. Ross didn't seem keen to reveal the actor wasn't the real deal, however, leaving some fans fooled.

Speaking in English, Howard X could be heard making a number of bizarre claims, including that Kim Jong-un's sister "really needs a big d**k".

"Look at that face. She is untouched," the impersonator added.

To make matters more bizarre, the streamer then invited Andrew Tate – who was recently released from house arrest but is awaiting trial on charges of rape, trafficking and organised crime – to "meet" the fake despot via the video call.

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Tate then quipped: "When I had no money at all and I was growing up in Luton on a council estate with a single mother with no money, I had all these dreams of what I’d do if I ever got rich.

"Turns out I go to Romanian jail and get woken up at three o’clock in the morning by Adin Ross to come and talk to a Kim Jong-un impersonator. What am I doing with my life? I’m having a mid-life crisis now. I am filthy rich. What am I doing with my life?"

Fans were quick to comment on the stream, with one writing: "That’s it, we’re getting nuked." Another chimed in: "What am I even watching."

Ross would have been lucky to speak to the real-life Kim Jong-un, who famously avoids interviews – particularly with foreign media. The last time the dictator gave an interview outside of his own country was in 2019, when he appeared on the Russian news channel Rossiya-24.

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