Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Spots a Wild Animal That Takes Us Straight Back to Our Childhoods

After-school cartoons were one of the highlights of childhood, and PBS Kids had all the best shows. In the ‘90s, my siblings and I could spend hours watching Zoom, Wishbone, Arthur, and more, while snacking on Fruit Roll-Ups and drinking cherry Kool-Aid. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about those fond memories, but Bindi Irwin’s latest post with her daughter Grace instantly brought me back.

The 2-year-old spotted lemurs at the Australia Zoo today, and it reminds me so much of Zoboomafoo starring Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt. The series introduced a love of these beautiful primates, which have long, striped tales, white faces, and huge eyes. Lemurs love climbing trees (much like monkeys) and eating things like fruit, leaves, insects, and small birds.

Irwin shared a photo on her Instagram Story of Grace admiring lemurs at the zoo. Grace is wearing a white shirt and floral pants, and her curly brown hair is half up in a ponytail. She holds a toy that looks like a little white narwhal as she gazes up at the two lemurs resting on the fence by some trees. Their ringed tails hang down so low Grace could touch them, but she is standing safely away to just give the animals some peace.  

In the second photo Irwin shared, a lemur is standing on all four feet with his round, orange eyes open wide at something off-camera. He’s likely watching the 2-year-old at play and thinking, how can someone have this much energy?!

Lemurs are special to the Irwin family. In an April 2023 video, Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell posted a video from Bindi’s Island at Australia Zoo. “We wanted to introduce you to some of our cutest members of the Australia Zoo family: the gorgeous ringtail lemurs,” Irwin says in the video.

As the cute creatures wander around her and Powell, Irwin tells a story about her late dad Steve Irwin, who “got to experience lemurs in the wild of Madagascar.” The video then cuts to the Crocodile Hunter looking at a “whole troop” of lemurs.

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“We might just sit here and have a bit of a sun bake, I think,” he joked in the clip. “What do you reckon? Bit of a sun bake?” he asked the lemurs, before leaning back and resting near the lemurs. The lemurs then run off, and he laughs, full of delight.

How special that Grace gets to admire lemurs, too!

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