America’s UFO hotspot has seen nearly 2,000 alien sightings since 1995

UFO sightings in Maryland caught on camera

The epicenter of the world’s UFO sightings has been named – and it may not be where you most expected.

Maryland is a top spot for UFO sightings in the US with nearly 2,000 sightings reported since 1995.

Residents have reported spotting a “flat bottom black triangle” with green lights as well as “a classic flying saucer” and an oval-shaped vehicle that hung in the air “for about a minute and a half”.

The first reported sighting in Maryland dates back to May 15, 1946, according to a database. It wasn’t logged until 2017.

More modern sightings get recorded much more quickly including a sighting of glowing “orbs” over Ocean City in April.

The witness, who works in the defense sector, wrote to the database: “My daughter and I looked up and saw four orbs moving in a circular motion, then come back to the middle, then spread back out.”

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The policy of the Federal Transportation Administration per its Aeronautical Information Manual is that anyone who sees a UFO – or UAP in government-speak – should report their findings to the volunteer organization National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) as opposed to the authorities.

The manual adds: “If concern is expressed that life or property might be endangered report the activity to the local law enforcement department.”

However, after a surge in interest in UFO sightings, NASA’s UAP advisory panel has recommended the FAA report the public’s UFO sightings into its Aviation Safety Reporting Program.

But NUFORC’s director Peter Davenport said the group was still inundated with fresh reports.

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He told CBS News: “It’s heartening to me that so many people are coming forward now. We are getting significantly more reports than just six months or a year ago.”

He added: “There have been 1,923 reports from the state of Maryland. I don’t know what the future has in store for us, but I am encouraged that more people are coming forward and the government recognizes the UFO phenomenon that’s something worthy of their attention.”

Many of the UAP sightings have been centered on the US Coasts, the Middle East and the South China Sea. California has the most UFO sightings of any state with more than 15,000 reports.

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