Katie Price slams ‘selfish celebrities’ who fled lockdown in favour of Dubai

Katie Price has never been one to mince her words since becoming a household name and the former model has hit out against reality television personalities and social media influencers.

The former model, 42, has remained at her home throughout the three government implemented lockdowns since March 2020, while an array of stars have jetted off to the United Arab Emirates in search of sun, classing their trip as "work".

Reality stars such as Chloe Ferry, Laura Anderson and Anton Danyluk have spent the most recent lockdown in Dubai while updating their social media profiles insisting that they are working while in the exotic location.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the businesswoman said: "I am sick to death of reading celebrities complaining that they can't go to Dubai.

"So many people are losing their families to Covid and you just want to go flaunt yourself in your f**king bikini.

"It's so selfish, I could fly Harvey abroad away from it all but I am here."

  • Katie Price fans slam Dwight Yorke for leaving star to raise Harvey alone

In a blistering attack, Katie went on to say that she "hates" that celebrities are finding it "funny" to have a holiday while she remains at home caring for Harvey, 18, and her seriously ill mother, Amy.

The Pricey added that it's "b*****ks" that people are in Dubai and classing it as work, before adding she has lost count at the number of ex Love Island stars who are soaking in the sun.

  • Katie Price praised as 'amazing mum' as BBC doc details struggles with Harvey

Katie, who shot to fame as a Page 3 model was recently praised by the British public following her fly-on-the-wall documentary, Harvey and Me, which aired on BBC One on Monday night.

Harvey lives with Prader-Willi Syndrome, autism and septo-optic dyplasia, which will effect his transition into adulthood and living independantly.

During the documentary, Katie and Harvey visited several colleges which meet his specific requirements in order to allow him to become self-dependant at the college.

While the documentary was airing on the BBC, Harvey was seen beaming from ear-to-ear as he was shown around The National Star College in Cheltenham.

Instantly taking to social media, the mum-of-five was flooded with compliments for her parenting after raising Harvey, without his father, Dwight Yorke, who has failed to contact his son.

One viewer tweeted: "Nothing but respect for Katie Price. She's doing what any parent does, put her child first and wanting the best for them. Love her relationship with Harvey."

A second penned: "For all the criticism Katie Price gets you really can't fault her dedication and adoration she has for her son."

"I don't like Katie Price but you cannot doubt her bond with Harvey and her ability as a mum. I applaud her basically raising Harvey alone," added a third.

Katie is currently in the process of filing an application for Harvey to attend The National Star College, with a decision set to be made in March.

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