Harry used Tom Hardy’s real Mad Max costume for ‘last night’ out with Meghan

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    Prince Harry says that he borrowed the real costume that British actor Tom Hardy wore in Mad Max for his final night of freedom with Meghan Markle.

    The Prince is sharing his stories in his explosive memoir, Spare, which hits shelves across the world on Tuesday and details his life as a royal.

    Harry is sharing never-before-heard stories about his life as well his relationship with his wife and former actress, Meghan, 41.

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    In an excerpt from his memoir, the 38-year-old shares how he, Meghan, Princess Eugenie and her then-boyfriend Jack Brooksbank enjoyed a booze-filled night at Toronto's exclusive Soho House.

    The Duke of Sussex recently shared images from the night for the first time in his and Meghan's Netflix series, which saw him dressed as Mad Max, while Meghan opted to wear next to nothing.

    Writing in Spare, the King's youngest son revealed that it was in fact, the real costume worn by actor Tom Hardy in the 2015 film starring Hardy and Charlize Theron.

    "He'd given it all to me before I left Britain, and now I tried it on in Meg's little bathroom, when I came out, she roared with laughter," he said.

    The dad-of-two continued to say the costume was "funny and a little scary" but he was completely unrecognisable in the get-up.

    Harry continued: "Meg, meanwhile, wore tor black shorts, a camo top, and fishnet stockings, if that's the Apocalypse, I thought, bring on the end of the world.

    "Meg passed through the rooms, but no one looked twice at her dystopian date."

    Meanwhile, his cousin Princess Eugenie opted for steampunk attire as she posed for pictures with Harry and Meghan on their final night of freedom.

    In their documentary, Harry and Meghan revealed they planned to have their big night out in October 2016 after discovering that the Sunday Express and Daily Star on Sunday had planned to share they were in a relationship.

    Harry said: "We'd been dating secretly since July," before Meghan went on to add: "We'd been so petrified of when it would break and H tried to prepare me for what that might be like, knowing what he'd experienced in the past."

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  • "Well if it's going to come out tomorrow, let's go have fun tonight," Harry told the camera.

    In his memoir, Harry explained that Meghan was off work the day after their party when the news of their relationship was revealed.

    "And then everything was rendered moot, everything was changed forever because the next day was when news of our relationship broke wide open," he wrote.


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