BTS Links With Steve Aoki for First English Track ‘Waste It on Me’ – Hear a Snippet

BTS (Bangtan Boys) and Steve Aoki are ready to once again dominate music charts all around the world with their collaboration. The record producer took to Twitter to announce that they would release an English song called “Waste It on Me”, sharing a snippet of the track.

“surpriseee we’re back! Got a new collab w/ my brothers @BTS_twt coming at u tomorrow!! who wants to hear it now?? Tweet #WasteItOnMe to unlock a preview!” he tweeted on Wednesday, October 24.

Even though fans can’t hear all seven members on the 41-second teaser, they are treated to Jungkook‘s sweet vocals. He can be heard singing over the sugary beats, “And I know there’s no making this right/ And I know there’s no changing your mind/ But we both found each other tonight/ So if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time/ Waste it on me.”

Jungkook’s perfect accent on the song apparently has fans thinking whether or not he is actually fluent in English. “So jungkook is a native english speaker cos his accent is better than mine and I was born in the UK,” one fan commented. One other confessed s/he “freaking jumped out me skin was shook to the core at Jungkook’s heavenly english vocals like boi I was not prepared.”

“Waste It on Me” will be released on Thursday, October 25.

BTS and Aoki previously collaborated on the remix of “MIC Drop”, which arrived on November 24. It became the first song by a Korean group to top U.S. iTunes songs chart in addition to debuting at No. 28 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, marking the group’s first top 40 in the United States. Thanks to this song, they also become the first Korean group to have a song certified gold by RIAA.

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