Brian May ‘crushed’ by ‘tragic loss’ of ‘irreplaceable’ rock star

Brian May discusses ‘losing Freddie’ with Johnnie Walker

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Earlier this year, the terrible news of Taylor Hawkins’ death at just 50 was heard around the world. Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters immediately cancelled their upcoming tour and have since announced two tribute concerts in the drummer’s honour.

The first Taylor Hawkins tribute concert takes place this Saturday at London’s Wembley Stadium. The all-star lineup includes Foo Fighters performing with Liam Gallagher, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and many more including Brian May and Roger Taylor.

A second one will also take place on September 27 in Los Angeles where the Queen duo will perform again with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, KISS’ Gene Simmons and Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx.

Brian May’s been gearing up for the UK concert this weekend, sharing a touching post including how to watch the show.

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A post shared by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal)

Brian wrote: “YES !! Taylor is our focus right now. The sadness of not having him around to enjoy the moments is almost crushing … but it’s awesome to be building a show to pay tribute to this wonderful human being, so hugely missed. The last couple of days rehearsing our contribution have been an awesome trip. Anyone who managed to get a seat at Wembley Stadium for this coming Saturday is in for an unforgettable treat !!! And it’s all [available] to watch around the world too … see these panels. Cheers – Bri.” 

UK fans can turn in on the MTV YouTube channels from 4:30pm BST.

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A post shared by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal)

Sharing some new Taylor Hawkins fan art, Brian said: “Taylor ! Our tragically lost and irreplaceable buddy. This is a brand new portrait from @sarah_rugg – and it triggers new thoughts in me. It somehow signals a call to arms. How about all of us in this lovely artistic community coming together to give our love and respects to this consummate artist and dearly loved boy ? If you create your tribute, and post it and put #taylortributeart on it … I will try to repost every one. And maybe the media will support us. Who knows where it might lead ! Thank you Ms Rugg. Let’s do it !!! Bri.”

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Back in 1998, Taylor played the drums on Brian’s solo track Cyborg, which features on his Another World solo album, which he re-released this year.

Brian remembered: “He’d never really done a studio session for someone else, so he was wired to the hilt – you could imagine. He’s going ‘This is f*****g awesome’. I mean, there is energy spilling out all over Surrey from this guy, incredible! I think he’s well represented on the track – it’s insane, the amount of energy on there.”

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