Billie Eilish Lovely song: How did Billie Eilish meet singer Khalid? ‘Didn’t know him’

Billie Eilish has only been on the music scene for a short while but she has made a huge impact already. She has broke records for her Grammy wins and sold out a world tour which, due to COVID-19, had to be rescheduled. One of her most famous songs is Lovely with the singer Khalid – but how did she meet the singer?

Billie Eilish’s story of becoming a singer is one which would inspire many young people, given her rise to fame in such a short space of time.

One of the songs which made her was Ocean Eyes, her first big hit, before her song Bad Guy really took over the charts.

But between these songs was Lovely, the tune she made with singer Khalid, also a California native.

For Billie, this meeting was to prove an important one, as the song has become one of her best-loved of her entire output.

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Their meeting may not have been the most exciting, but their collaboration became very important for both of them, launching their careers in a big way.

Neither of the singers were as influential at the time of their song release, back in 2018, but both had a meteoric rise afterward.

At present, the song, which was released on YouTube in 2018, has 783,788,513 views, making it a clear viral hit.

Speaking to Fashion magazine about their meeting, Billie said: “My friend played Location for me back in 2016, before it was big.

“I looked him up and I couldn’t find a single thing about him. I literally looked up the name Khalid on iTunes and there was nothing there: no songs, no artist page, just nothing.

“So I found Location on Soundcloud, and then realized that he followed me on Twitter.

“He DM’d me or I DM’d him, and then he gave me his number. We just became friends.

“Neither of us were chasing any kind of clout, or whatever you want to call it. I respected him for his art, and he respected me.

“And then he became the huge star that I always thought he was.”

Of course, she did not mention how big a star she herself became since their collaboration as well, and the singers are now often seated near each other in the charts.

In 2017, before the song came out, Khalid won an MTV Award for Best New Artist, which he also won a year later at the Billboard Awards, after his song with Billie had been released.

Billie took the same MTV Award two years later, in 2019, while also taking on the Grammy for Best New Artist, as well as various other Grammys, in 2020.

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