Aitch Reveals His Music Career Took Off After He Drunkenly Spitting Bars in Front of His Friends

In a new candid interview, the British hip-hop artist, born Harrison Armstrong, explains that he always finds it easier to express himself through his music.

AceShowbizAitch‘s friends inadvertently launched his music career. The 22-year-old rap star was enjoying a few drinks in a park in 2015 when he started “to spit bars in front of everyone” and Aitch’s career has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

The rapper – whose real name is Harrison Armstrong – recalled, “I was drunk in the park – I do not advise anyone to get drunk in the park, by the way, disclaimer – but I finally built up the courage to spit bars in front of everyone. When I finished and we was watching the video back, I was like, ‘Yes, sick, but that’s just for us. Don’t put that anywhere.’ By the time I got home, the video’s on YouTube and I was like, ‘No! What are you doing to me?!’ I was proper mad.”

Aitch admits to being a “stereotypical Manchester kid” during his younger years. He told the BBC, “I’d spend most of my time trying to climb trees or something stupid, and come home with dirt all over my face, food all over my T-shirt.”

Aitch has also always found it easier to express himself through music. The “Straight Rhymez” hitmaker explained, “I’m not the type of person to always be expressing my problems to everyone, so I felt the only way to do it was to make a song about it.”

As a result, Aitch can’t imagine ever walking away from the music business. He said, “I always beg for time off and, when I finally get some, by the second day, I’m like, ‘Oh, what am I even doing?’ I don’t really think it’s good thing for anyone to have too much time on your hands. I always need to be busy, or at least doing something active, even if it’s going to play football.”

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