WWD Report Card: Far From a Dream and My Cardigan

We’ve entered the golden age of Miley Cyrus’ style.

Miley Cyrus Steve Eichner/WWD

We still love the Hannah Montana years. This has a teenage-girl-going-to-prom vibe that feels very appropriate. But while the peep-toe might’ve worked then, it’s not aging well.

Miley Cyrus Tyler Boye/WWD

This youthful take on a Greek goddess gown feels almost costume-y, especially knowing where fashion is going to take her. Also the white draped front is too close to window dressing for comfort.

Miley Cyrus Donato Sardella/WWD

Leather bondage top, cropped bleach hair and smokey cat eye? This risqué effort encapsulates her sexy rocker phase that helped her transition out of Disney Channel pop. Might not be the best look if you’re hoping to avoid a wardrobe malfunction — but it’s still really fun.

Miley Cyrus Steve Eichner/WWD

While many celebrities look ridiculous in some of their Met Gala-themed outfits, Miley pulls off this sexy Goth-punk gown effortlessly. Worn at a time when the naked dress trend was at its peak, this plays with the concept but in a very controlled, chic way.

Miley Cyrus Steve Eichner/WWD

This is a split personality moment: we would expect the clothes from an East Hampton socialite, but when paired with the hair and cropped fit of the sweater, it becomes confusing. Cyrus’ playful demeanor really helps the effort — but it’s not quite enough.

Miley Cyrus GDA via AP Images

You should give it to Miley — she’s a total risk-taker. This retro bikini with long sleeves and Muppet shoulder pom-poms would be fashion purgatory, but Miley adds a matching beach tote bag to the look and calls it a day. The question that we all are asking: what’s in the bag?

Miley Cyrus Lexie Moreland/WWD

This angular cocktail dress with graphic stripes fits her very well, but it’s another day at the office for her — and we’ve come to expect more envelope-pushing. She looks great but we are bored.

Miley Cyrus Courtesy Photo

This is our favorite Miley fashion stage yet. It’s kind of impressive to be able to pull off a mullet, which she does in spades. The zebra-print dress with matching high gloves reads like glam high society with a big flavor of downtown. It’s basically what everybody dreams of for themselves.

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