Princess Anne’s ‘likeness to Prince Philip’ to thank for special bond with Queen – expert

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Princess Anne, 70, is known for her no-nonsense attitude and stoic approach to royal duty. The Princess Royal is said to be cut from the same cloth as her father Prince Philip, 99, who also isn’t one to suffer fools gladly. A body language expert has claimed it is Anne’s likeness to the Duke of Edinburgh that defines the special bond she has with her mother Queen Elizabeth II, 94.

Body language expert and author Judi James analysed four photos of the Queen and Princess Anne and shared her findings.

According to Judi, Anne and the Queen’s relationship is “less public” due to Anne’s position lower down the line of succession.

Judi told “The bonds between these two women might not have been featured as publicly as the Queen’s relationship with her next in line Charles or even his son William, but that is probably because the crown always places emphasis on the line of succession and the continuity of that line, meaning the dynamic between Anne and her mother has received less of a public airing.

“The other reason for the slightly enigmatic air about the style of their relationship is that, historically, Anne has always been known as being closest to Prince Philip.”

According to Judi, Anne and Prince Philip share similar body language traits and “a very like-minded approach.”

The expert said: “She is very much the chip off the old block as far as Philip is concerned and their body language throws up many more similarities, suggesting a very like-minded approach to life and being part of the Firm.”

Judi claims it is Anne’s shared approach with her father that has helped forge her “strong bond” with the Queen.

She added: “However, it could be that Anne’s similar behaviour traits and like-mindedness to her father are exactly what has forged such strong bonds with her mother as well.”

Judi said: “Like her father, Anne appears to be someone stoic and dependable but also unfussy and upbeat as a companion.

“Like Philip, Anne often looks on the brink of a wry and slightly cynical smile and this more down-to-earth and even irreverent approach should be exactly what the Queen needs to keep her happy and grounded.”

The body language expert claimed Anne’s ability to avoid public scandal has also won her favour with her mother.

Judi said: “Anne also seems to be the most low-maintenance of the Queen’s children in terms of worry and drama.”


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The expert added: “She might have been through a divorce and re-marriage but it all seemed dealt with in a very practical and low-key way, in contrast with Charles and his brothers’ often jaw-dropping, gossip-page lifestyle.”

According to Judi, Anne offers the Queen with the same “solid support” provided by Prince Philip.

Judi added: “Like her father, Anne looks like the child that offers solid support in the Queen’s life, rather than the one causing her any emotional turmoil.”

As well as the similarities Anne shares with her father, there are some traits like stoicism she shares with the Queen.

Judi said: “The two women do share some traits like stoicism, a quiet dedication to hard work and a love of horses, but it’s probably the similarities to her father that makes Anne such a comforting and familiar presence in the Queen’s life.”

One passion the Queen and Princess Anne share is their love of horses.

Anne is a skilled equestrian and was the first-ever British Royal Family member to compete in the Olympics in 1976.

Commenting on a photo of the Queen and Princess Anne out riding together, Judi said: “This is probably where the two women show the strongest bonds as both have a life-long love of horses, meaning Anne and her daughter Zara’s Olympic successes might have been counted as some of the Queen’s proudest moments as a parent and grandparent.

“This mutual passion must mean long hours spent riding together and their body language here suggests they use that time in conversation as well.”

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