Woman makes £460 a week by selling photos of her feet online

Like many of us, Kacey Marie picked up a new hobby in lockdown.

But rather than going for the popular options of baking sourdough bread or getting really into embroidery, Kacey decided to start selling photos of her feet online.

Now, she’s making thousands as a foot fetish model.

Model and receptionist Kacey, 23, from Macon, Georgia, kept seeing memes of people starting to sell feet pics online as a last resort for making some money, and chose to give it ago.

Over the next few weeks, Kacey looked into the foot fetish community and found that it was saturated with successful model. But with the support of her partner, Stephen, who always thought she had beautiful feet, Kacey set up a page in June this year.

Since then, Kacey, who is known as Sole Dust Queen online, has found her niche within the community by posting content of both her face and her feet in shot.

It’s thanks to this that Kacey’s following has grown to over 45.6K followers in just three months.

She now makes an average of £466 a week by providing photos and videos of herself crushing things with her feet, scrunching her feet in a certain way, and posing with both her feet and face in shot, for loyal fans and new customers.

More unusual requests Kacey has received include people asking her to squash live bugs with her feet and even someone who asked if they can cut her feet off – both requests she politely declined.

She charges £7.74 ($10) per photo and £15.49 ($20) for a three-minute custom video and £23.34 ($30) for a five-minute custom video – depending on the complexity of the request.

Kacey could have never imagined that what started as a hobby would develop into what it has today, but she’s proud to be part of the foot fetish community.

‘When I first saw the memes, I think the immediate question was, does this actually make you money? I looked into it and realised you can make money from just feet, but it also takes you building a large following,’ Kacey said.

‘That in itself has its challenges. Either way, I set out to conquer the foot world and make a few friends along the way.

‘I decided that this would be a fun hobby and outlet for me. I also hoped it would bring me some income.

‘My partner and I agreed on no nude or pornographic content. I’ve always wanted to be a model but was fearful of putting myself out there.

‘I started off by only posting my feet. I was welcomed into the foot fetish community with open arms.

‘Once I posted my face and smile, along with my feet of course, my page blew up. People enjoyed the energy, kindness and positivity I brought into the community. I definitely think my face sealed the deal.

‘I’ve always thought my feet were pretty and I really think it’s a teaser for the whole body – kind of like a trailer to a movie. Your feet have curves and lines just like every other part of your body.

‘The way you move your feet, walk, and arch them is all a sensual art. Anyone can take pictures of their feet, but capturing a sensual moment in the movement of your feet is totally different. It’s a challenge and art form all in itself.’

Kacey is now able to make enough money to pay her own bills and support her family.

And she’s had an amazingly positive reaction online – apart from a few messages from the usual trolls.

‘I receive comments and messages from people telling me I make their day with my posts and that they enjoy my smile,’ Sarah said. ‘A lot of messages can be dirty and sexual but they mean well most of the time.

‘The biggest positive response is that I am kind and pretty.

‘The negative aspect is unsolicited pictures and messages. I’ve had someone tell me ‘f*** you and your mum’, creepy stalker messages like people are trying to find me, and I think someone called me fat one time but that was totally laughable.’

Kacey’s foot modelling is a massive stress release for her, especially now as her mum, Sharon, is currently battling breast cancer.

Foot modelling has afforded Kacey the flexibility to spend as much time with her mum as possible.

‘With my mum’s cancer journey, I’ve been very stressed,’ Kacey said.

‘My mum is my absolute best friend and I cannot imagine her not being here. Having this platform, I am able to express myself on social media and get good feedback which helps lower my stress levels.

‘I shared with my followers that she is battling cancer and they were all so supportive and included some prayers for her. It meant the world to me.

‘Working on an online platform also allows me to work from home which means I can spend time with my mum and make money at the same time.’

As well as urging other people to get involved in foot modelling, Kacey wants to encourage those with a foot fetish not to feel any shame for their preference.

‘First and foremost, anyone who is embarrassed by their fetish needs to know that there is such a large support community for those with foot fetishes where you don’t have to feel like you aren’t normal,’ she says.

‘There is no need to be ashamed of what is on the human body. Just like some people prefer a big butt or boobs, some like feet. There is nothing abnormal about that.’

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