Woman admits that she regrets boob job that looks 'too natural'

Woman, 21, who had a £6,500 boob job at 18 because she wanted to look ‘fake and plastic’ complains she now hates her breasts – because her implants ‘have dropped and look TOO natural’

  • Millie Taylforth, who lives in London, has over 1.42 million YouTube subscribers
  • In her latest video, the 21-year-old admitted to regretting having had a boob job
  • Says she loved the ‘fake, plastic’ look in the year after surgery but her breasts now look more natural because the implants have dropped 
  • Commenters praised Millie with many claiming they’ve considered surgery 

A woman who had a breast augmentation after losing weight as a teenager has admitted that she regrets having the surgery – because her boobs ‘look too natural’.

Millie Taylforth, 21, who lives in London, has more than 1.42 million subscribers on YouTube, where she shares lifestyle vlogs and clips of herself trying viral challenges.

In her latest video, she says she regrets having a £6,500 boob job at the age of 18 because, nearly three years on, they’ve ‘dropped and fluffed out’, giving a more natural look.

She told her followers: ‘They kept that plastic, upright appearance for about four months. It was quite a while then gradually they dropped and became a lot more natural looking. Now two-and-a-half years later, they feel and look so unbelievably natural.’

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Millie Taylforth, 21,who lives in London, has gone viral after taking to YouTube to share regrets she has about her breast augmentation, which she had at just 18. Pictured: Before cosmetic surgery

Millie (pictured straight after having surgery at 18) admitted that she doesn’t like how natural her breast now look in the years since her augmentation 

Millie (pictured now) said she had a boob job because she felt insecure and unfeminine after losing a lot of weight…but says she now hates how ‘natural’ her chest looks

‘You would never guess that I had a boob job. I don’t want them to look natural, I want them to look fake and plastic like how they did when I first got them done,’ Millie said.

‘Maybe not that extreme, that was too much. My favourite boob era was probably six or eight months after I got them done. I remember in that time period being like “I hope they stop now, I hope they’re done dropping.”’

Millie added that she prefers her breast now to how they looked before the surgery, but regrets not consulting more doctors or waiting until she was older to research more.

The YouTuber explained that she didn’t feel feminine before having the breast augmentation as losing weight left her insecure.

She explained that she gained a lot of weight after moving away from her family at the age of 17 to live in London.

Millie said: ‘The world was my oyster in my head, but when I moved out I gained a lot of weight. It put me in such a bad place, I didn’t want to go out or socialise with people and I avoided every mirror.

‘Then I put my foot down and decided to lose a lot of weight, which I did but I also lost weight in my boobs. They just weren’t sitting pretty like they used to.

‘I did what usually happens which is help one insecurity, my weight, but then a brand new insecurity took its place and that was my boobs.’

Millie explained that she waited just one month between her first consultation and having the surgery.

Millie (pictured now) said she was given the opportunity to feel the implants before having the surgery but didn’t realise how heavy they would be once put in her chest 

She said the medic recommended what she should have done after hearing about what she did and didn’t like about her breasts.

‘They don’t give too much advice. You have to go in knowing exactly what it is you want. The whole consultation was basically me talking and her being like “Okay, yeah, if that makes you feel better.'”

She said that she was told to get an uplift and implants and that she went for 250CC implants.

The YouTuber explained that the implants ‘weigh a lot so gravity is obviously going to do its thing and they were going to drop a lot more than I wanted them too.’ 

She added that she wishes her breasts were perkier, saying: ‘I don’t regret my boob job, I just don’t like the way that they sit naturally. I wish that they were more up.

‘You would never catch me wearing a low-cut dress with no support or bra on just because I don’t like the way that they look. I hate that I’m saying that after I got a boob job done.’

Millie (pictured before weight loss) said she never used to measure her boobs when buying a bra before having the £6,500 procedure 

Millie admitted that she has been thinking about how they will look in six or seven years as she’s already unhappy with how they’ve dropped.

She spent £6,500 on her breast augmentation including the lift and was able to meet the surgeon two weeks after her consultation.

The vlogger said she never measured her boobs before having the surgery but would buy a B cup bra.

The surgeon advised her to get over-the-muscle implants, claiming the recovery time would be easier and less painful.

‘About two weeks after I had seen the surgeon it was my surgery day,’ Millie said.

‘I brought with me an overnight bag and they gave me my own hospital-style room, it was actually really vibey.

‘They gave me a hospital gown. I got there at like 9 o’ clock in the morning. They have slots throughout the day where they have people booked in for different cosmetic surgeries. 

‘I think it was mainly boob jobs but everyone had like a two hour slot where they were on the operating table.

‘The surgeon came in before it was my slot, got naked again, I was so used to it at this point. He started drawing out markings on my boob for where he was going to perform the surgery. 

The YouTuber (pictured on surgery day) said she stayed in hospital for one night before being sent home with her chest covered in bandages 

‘About an hour after that the nurses came in and they wheeled me from my bed and took me into the operating theatre room.’

Millie explained that she woke up from her surgery in her hospital bed, wrapped in bandages and with a tightness in her chest.

She spent one night in hospital then had to be picked up by a friend.

The 21-year-old told how she asked her friend to bring her an aftercare bra because it wasn’t provided by the clinic.

The vlogger admitted that she went on a night out the same day she left hospital, despite being unable to take a shower. 

‘My boobs felt like they were glued to my chest for quite a few weeks afterwards. Very slowly and gradually over time they began to drop and fluff,’ Millie said.

‘When you first have your boobs done they are up here, I’m talking on your collarbone. You can see and feel why it’s called plastic surgery because they felt plastic. I’d tap them and break my finger kind of vibe.

‘The main reason for wearing the aftercare bra is to help them stay in place but also give them room to drop a little bit.

Millie (pictured left before) said her boobs felt like they were ‘glued’ to her chest after (pictured right) having the surgery 

‘After you’ve had your boobs job over the next coming months and even the first few years your boobs drop and fluff out. In other words they become squidgy and feel a lot more natural, sit in a more natural place.’

Millie explained that it was a few weeks after surgery that she was able to see what her breast looked like because they had been covered in bandages. 

She said the implants have to be replaced around every 10 years.

Millie continued: ‘I regret not wearing my bra properly for the aftercare, I don’t know if it made a massive difference but it’s the fact that it was a risk I was willing to take.

‘Don’t go to one place for your consultation because they all have different implants. If I was to go back and do it again, I would find somewhere that has the lightest implants and the most durable.

‘These are just very heavy. I wish I had got them done a little bit older as well because I feel like I wouldn’t have made the same mistakes. I would’ve been more educated and aware of what I was doing.’

Millie said the surgery boosted her confidence to meet new people and wear more outfits, while revealing she doesn’t have any clear scarring.

Millie (pictured after surgery) revealed she’s unsure if she will be able to breastfeed in the future and has reduced nipple sensitivity 

She added that her nipple sensitivity has reduced and she’s unsure if she will be able to breastfeed in the future.

The video racked up over 200,000 views with many commenters thanking her for being candid about her experience. 

One person wrote: ‘I’m turning 18 in June and my family are going to give me money for a boob job, so this really helped, especially from somebody in the UK and the age going through it. 

‘I’m heavily insecure about my chest and very much flat chested, so it is a good confidence boost for myself. Thank you so much for this Millie’

Another said: ‘You’re such an inspiration, I love how you’re educating people and are so open.’

‘As someone who’s getting a boob job in three weeks at the age of 19 this is so helpful, thank you,’ a third added.  

Viewers praised Millie for sharing her experience, with many admitting they’ve also considered having cosmetic surgery 

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