‘Very childlike’: Princess Eugenie’s body language shows ‘excitement and delight’ in USA

Meghan Markle: Pundits discuss Princess Eugenie gesture

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Princess Eugenie released a photograph in celebration of Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14. The picture showed Eugenie with her husband Jack Brooksbank in a Californian garden full of pink blossom. The couple celebrated their child, August Brooksbank’s, first birthday in California where they were visiting Eugenie’s cousin, Prince Harry.

Harry lives in Montecito with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie, two, and eight-month-old baby Lilibet.

Princess Eugenie shared the photo on Instagram where she had a big smile and looked very happy with her husband of over three years.

But what was her body language like in the new royal snap?

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the new image and analysed the Princess of York’s body language.

Judi said: “This is such a sweet pose and doubly romantic in sentiment because of the very happy, carefree and fun message from the couple’s body language.

“Eugenie looks very childlike here, standing with her hands held out as though frozen in a moment of excitement and delight as she is covered with blossom from the tree.

“Even her toes are pointed slightly inward in a very youthful-looking gesture and her grin suggests spontaneous happiness.

“Jack shares the moment beside her and the way his arm is raised suggests he might even have been shaking a branch to get the blossoms cascading onto his wife.

“This is probably one of the most understated but romantic Valentine gestures ever.

“Especially as he seems so confident of his wife’s appreciation and enjoyment.

“The pose shows the emotional synchronicity between the couple.

“Both are sharing the spontaneous and rather un-royal moment with the public.”

The photo was released on Instagram the day after Princess Eugenie was snapped at the Superbowl with her cousin Prince Harry.

The two cousins were pictured wearing black face masks while enjoying the Los Angeles Rams beating the Cincinnati Bengals.

Harry has lived in Los Angeles for two years so was most likely very happy with the score.

He was pictured with royal fans and other celebrities while enjoying the game.

Both Harry and Eugenie were notably alone, as neither Jack Brooksbank nor the Duchess of Sussex joined them.

Their absence will have triggered questions from those watching at home.

Princess Eugenie’s attendance may have come as a surprise for many of those watching the match, as the British-based royal spends most of her time in the UK.

While it is not clear where Eugenie is staying whilst in the USA, she is the first royal to appear publicly in the country alongside Prince Harry since they moved.

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