Trolls accuse man of plastic surgery to look like Michael Jackson

Man in the mirror! Michael Jackson lookalike, 28, reveals trolls accuse him of having surgery to look like his idol but insists the resemblance is all natural

  • Lookalike of King of Pop shared childhood photos to prove he hasn’t had surgery
  • Fabio Jackson, 28, showed old snaps in a TikTok that garnered 1.7 million views
  • Influencer claims he’s constantly trolled by people claiming his looks are ‘fake’

A Michael Jackson lookalike has hit back at trolls who accuse him of having had plastic surgery to look like the late singer – by revealing throwback photos to prove he is naturally identical to the King of Pop.

Fabio Jackson, 28, who lives in the UK, says he was bullied for looking like a post- cosmetic surgery Michael Jackson in high school and says that he is mistaken for the late singer almost every day.

Fabio – who now works as a Michael Jackson lookalike and influencer – has gained a huge online following for his uncanny resemblance to the pop icon.

But he says that he is constantly trolled online for being ‘fake’ and accused of having cosmetic procedures to look like Jacko.

Fabio Jackson, 28, a Michael Jackson lookalike, who has hit back at trolls accusing him of having surgery to look like the King of Pop

Fabio Jackson shows off his Michael Jackson moves in a TikTok video. The impressionist turned professional after countless people claimed he looked like the singer throughout his life

The real Michael Jackson, a photo released by lookalike Fabio Jackson, 28, to compare just how much he looks like the King of Pop

In response to his critics, Fabio posted a viral video on TikTok (@theefabiojackson) of his childhood snaps – which amassed 1.7million views from stunned social media users.

Fabio says he has always naturally resembled Michael since he was around eleven-years-old and that he’s never had any plastic surgery to achieve the look.

He says: ‘The comparisons to Michael have been going on ever since high school to college then university and it just keeps getting more and more frequent now. I was bullied at school because I looked so much like Michael. It was hard.

‘As you can see from my video, nothing has changed in my looks. I’ve just grown up, my jaw has got wider, my teeth have shifted, my eyes are still the same and yes I still have my long hair like Michael.

Fabio Jackson when he was a younger man graduating bore a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson, and was constantly bullied because of the comparison

People in the street will stop and take photos of Fabio, thinking he’s MJ. Pictured: Fabio Jackson showing off his Michael Jackson moves

‘With people on the streets now it a whole different thing, they double take, they call at me and they take pictures of me.

‘In the UK, people are usually very happy to see me and thank me as if I did something to achieve Michael’s look but it’s natural. People are seeing my TikTok videos now and seeing that I’m real.

‘When people look at me, they see this famous face so I have to balance it out and try to be a good influence to the world.

‘So I’m not going to do anything when people are mean to me online. There are so many people out there that wish to be Michael or just had a small percentage of this resemblance to him.

Despite making a career out of his uncanny resemblance to MJ, Fabio doesn’t consider himself a ‘huge fan’ but admires the pop stars commitment to charitable causes

‘Michael has been like a teacher to me. I don’t see myself as a huge fan but I appreciate the man and the way he tried to do so much for the world.

‘I’m shy in the real world but I love performing and dancing like Michael. When I’m being creative, nothing else matters’

Fabio’s video of his younger snaps received hundreds of thousands of likes – with many viewers claiming that he is the original Michael Jackson.

One follower commented: ‘I think it’s safe to say that he doesn’t look like Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson looks like him.’

Another user wrote: ‘so Michael Jackson copied you’

Whilst another viewer hilariously commented: ‘So what you’re saying is your mom is Billie Jean.’

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