TikTokker wins fans with withering responses to people's life hacks

Man who posts clips of himself looking VERY unimpressed with people’s life hacks becomes Italy’s most followed TikToker – winning 58 million fans with his caustic put-downs

  • TikTok star Khaby Lame has quietly amassed 58.9 million followers with his deadpan put-downs of life hacks that don’t really work   
  • The 21-year-old was born in Senegal but now lives in Chivasso, near Turin in Italy 
  • Top clips include calling out a fellow TikToker who cuts himself free from a car door by shearing through his t-shirt – Lame simply opens the door 
  • Another sees him mocking someone who uses a plastic pizza saver to cut their takeaway into slices – the TikTok star neatly divides his using just his hands 
  • His TikTok page now has 58 million followers and 791 million likes 

A man who calls out substandard life hack videos uploaded to social media has become Italy’s biggest TikTok star – thanks to his deadpan put-downs.  

Khaby Lame, originally from Senegal but now living in Chivasso, close to Turin in Italy, has won over a whopping 58.9 million followers with his acerbic expressions and call-outs.

The 21-year-old’s most watched clips include deriding a fellow TikToker who cuts himself free from a car door by shearing through his t-shirt – which has so far had 158 million views.  

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Bro why you ruined a T-shirt ?It was so easy…. – Fratello perché hai rovinato una T-Shirt?#learnfromkhaby #LearnWithTikTok #ImparaConTikTok

The face says it all: Khaby Lame, thought to be from Senegal but now living in Chivasso, Italy, has taken TikTok by storm with his clips calling out fellow social media users for rubbish videos

Lame films himself in the same predicament but instead of reaching for the scissors to hack his way out of the situation, he simply opens the car door to free himself – and then offers his signature shrug of exasperation. 

Another TikTok clip sees the joker mocking someone who uses a plastic pizza saver to cut their takeaway Italian staple dish into slices. Lame simply neatly divides his own using his hands – and then lifts in shoulders in frustration.

The social media comedian, who posts in English and Italian, also has no time for dramatic over-reactions – or people who offer up delayed reactions when something goes wrong. 

One woman who gasped audibly after she spray-painted her white car with a black tick is ridiculed…with Lame posting clips of himself making the same noise when something inevitable happens – like opening a door or putting his hood up. 

Asking for trouble? Lame’s comedy comes from finding other clips…and trolling them with his distinctive deadpan style 

After this TikToker showed off his method for escaping trapped clothing in a car door – using a pair of scissors…he was given short shrift by Lame

Now Italy’s biggest TikTok star, Lame’s trademark put-down comes with him recreating the video…and then giving it a withering put-down

Got your clothes stuck in your car door? Simply open the car door to release them…and win yourself a handsome 158 million views on TikTok

Mamma Mia! When another TikiTok user tried to show off how a plastic pizza saver could be helpful when slicing up the popular Italian takeaway, Lame quickly derided the idea 

The TikTok comic tore up his pizza neatly using his hands, and then offered what has now become his trademark shrug

What did she think was going to happen? Lame responded to this clip of a woman looking shocked at a black mark appearing after she used a spray can on her car…by looking shocked at pedestrian things, like putting up his hood or opening a door

Pointless life hacks are his biggest targets, with the person who decided to de-construct a toothbrush – only to re-build it using a medicine syringe that deposits toothpaste through it getting particularly short shrift – and Lame getting 58 million hits to show for it. 

Overall, his TikTok page now has 58 million followers and 791 million likes – much of his success appears to come from the fact he doesn’t usually speak in his clips, with his mocking looks speaking a global language. 

Lame has been open about his tough start in life, telling Olhar Digital: ‘Public housing is a place to which I owe everything. They taught me education and allowed me to cultivate many bonds.’

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