The heart-wrenching moment a mother, 20, meets her stillborn baby

Devastated mother shares the heart-wrenching moment her baby son is stillborn at 32 weeks – as a warning to mums to question doctors who say there’s nothing wrong with their babies

  • WARNING: Story contains images readers may find emotionally distressing 
  • Mother shares her heartbreak after tragically losing her unborn son at 32 weeks
  • Kristy Watson, from Victoria, was filled with joy when she finally fell pregnant
  • But at 32 weeks, she was told her baby Kaycen no longer had a heartbeat 
  • The cause of his death was a pre-eclampsia – a serious condition of pregnancy

A devastated young mother has spoken candidly about her heartbreak of giving birth to her stillborn baby son at 32 weeks.

Kristy Watson, from Victoria, was filled with joy when she finally fell pregnant with her ‘miracle baby’ after suffering three devastating miscarriages.

But during her pregnancy, she started experiencing swelling in her face, hands and feet, blurry vision and crippling headaches that lasted for weeks.

From 26 weeks, she met with doctors in and out of hospital to talk about her agonising pain – but she said she was sent home with Panadol and told her symptoms were just the ‘normal’ signs of pregnancy.

However, at 32 weeks, the 20-year-old nearly lost her life after her pre-eclampsia was left undiagnosed until she discovered her unborn son Kaycen had died in the womb.

Kristy Watson holding her baby son Kaycen after he tragically died in the womb at 32 weeks

The 20-year-old was filled with joy when she finally fell pregnant with her ‘miracle baby’ after suffering three devastating miscarriages (pictured during her pregnancy photoshoot)

What is pre-eclampsia? 

Pre-eclampsia is a serious condition of pregnancy, usually characterised by high blood pressure, protein in the urine and severe swelling.

Most women with pre-eclampsia feel fine. That is why regular antenatal check-ups are vital.

There is no cure for pre-eclampsia, except birth of the baby and delivery of the placenta. 

At its most serious, blood pressure can be very high and other body organs are affected such as the kidneys, liver, brain and blood.

If left untreated, pre-eclampsia can lead to serious problems such as fitting or convulsions, kidney failure, liver failure, clotting problems or death.

All forms of pre-eclampsia need to be treated.

Source: Better Health 

‘I had driven myself to the hospital that morning to find out two hours later that he had already passed,’ Kristy told Daily Mail Australia.

Her son was stillborn on July 27 this year after his death was caused by her severe pre-eclampsia – a serious condition of pregnancy that can threaten the lives of both the mother and unborn child.

‘The worst thing about pre-eclampsia is that I didn’t get told I had it until I had the nurse sat on the end of my bed at 32 weeks and tell me my precious little Kaycen no longer had a heartbeat,’ she said.

‘No words you ever want to hear, no words you ever imagine hearing so far into your pregnancy. I knew from 26 weeks something wasn’t right. From the horrible swelling in my feet hands and face, the headaches that lasted weeks on end, the blurry vision, my blood pressure going up and down, I knew that this weren’t just normal “pregnancy symptoms”.

‘But after numerous visits to doctors, being in and out of hospital – even trying to contact another hospital for a second opinion, I was told it was just normal.’

The infant was stillborn, leaving his mother with a few moments to build memories of him in candid photographs

The 20-year-old shared her heartbreak after tragically losing baby son at 32 weeks in July

Kristy was left distraught when she discovered her unborn son tragically died (pictured of her late son Kaycen’s funeral)

But the cafe worker was left clinging onto her life after her serious condition was untreated for weeks.

‘Mine was left too late, I had already lost my son before he got to chance to see the light of day – and my pregnancy almost killed me,’ she said.

‘A week later and my body’s was still fighting for my life because when it was too late, I was told I had severe pre-eclampsia. My kidneys were failing, my blood pressure was so high it nearly caused me to have a stroke or seizure, my body was fighting so hard for too long to keep my boy alive that it took his life in order to keep mine.

‘If only they had done an ultrasound that day to see that my placenta was failing, if only they had done my blood to see how toxic my bloods really were at that stage. It may not had changed the outcome of what happen but the thing is I will never ever know.

‘I don’t want to play the blame game but to be so neglected and feel like I wasn’t listened to by people who I put in the hands of the life I was creating and to be let down as much as I was is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.’

Kristy was really looking forward to motherhood after she finally fell pregnant earlier this year following three tragic miscarriages (pictured pregnant with her unborn son Kaycen)

Three days leading up to the death, Kristy had an inkling about her symptoms.

‘I was in hospital again for the exact same things as every other time, I felt stupid, I felt like they were just thinking I was complaining about my pregnancy but in reality I knew something was just not right,’ she said.

‘They told me they were going to give me an ultrasound but the doctor was in a meeting and I had to wait two hours to be sent home once again with no blood or ultrasound done, just to take Panadol for my headaches.

‘That was three days before I felt my son never move again. Three days before I got told that I had severe pre-eclampsia.

‘Three days before I had to be induced and be in labour for 12 hours before I finally hold my breathless, lifeless son.’

After his tragic birth, Kristy spent some time creating memories with her baby boy

She wanted to encourage other mothers to fight for answers even if the hospital turns them away for trying. 

‘I had to go from having my whole lifeline, my world move around and be healthy in my belly to then be induced to deliver my sleeping baby,’ she said.

‘I had loss my gorgeous little boy due to the system letting me down and not listening to me when I knew something was wrong.

‘I want people to know my story so they know when their gut is telling them that something is not right to fight for answers… to make sure they are listened to because I now have to go home to a nursery full of everything I needed to raise my little boy now to an empty cot that my son never got to lay in, to books I never got to read him, to his favourite outfit I never got to dress him in all because I was not heard.

‘I now go home empty handed with a heart so broken that it’s going to take a long time to heal.

‘I don’t want this to be looked at as a blame on anyone. I want people to know what I went through and in any way help prevent such a thing happening to someone else.

‘Please listen to your body.’

By sharing her story, Kristy wanted to share her heartbreaking words in the hope of helping women who may find themselves suffering from pre-eclampsia

By sharing her story, Kristy wanted to share her heartbreaking words in the hope of helping women who may find themselves suffering from pre-eclampsia. 

‘I want to raise awareness so no mother, no family ever has to go through the pain, heartbreak and loss I’ve had to go through,’ she explained.

‘My body did amazing things and grew such a beautiful angel baby that didn’t deserve to have his life taken so soon. He was my miracle baby. 

‘These little lives we create inside our wonderful bodies rely on us, we have to look after ourselves just as much and I couldn’t imagine any other mother having to feel like they failed their child like I’ve had to.

‘It’s been rough but I know I’m doing what I can to make my little one proud. I know my little Kaycen will live on through me and everyone’s hearts he touched.’

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