The foods not to feed your dog this Christma

Revealed: The foods not to feed your dog this Christmas – including roast dinner leftovers

  • Welsh company Burns Pet Nutrition explain the eight foods your pet should avoid
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An expert has warned against allowing your dog to eat festive foods at Christmas. 

While many owners wills be tempted to give their pet leftovers, dogs should avoid chocolate, garlic, onions, leeks, chives or grapes, sultanas or raisins.

Research conducted by Welsh company Burns Pet Nutrition has prompted an urgent health warning, as a  massive third of owners overfed their pups, with 45 per cent even sharing cheese with their dogs. 

While owners may see themselves as simply being generous, they could be putting their pup at risk – the animal-loving company explained the foods pets should avoid.       

Sugar-free items may seem tempting for controlling our human waistlines but the same can’t always be said for pets.

Close-up portrait of a dog wearing reindeer horns celebrating Christmas. Bone on a plate as a treat on served holiday table (stock image)

Marketed as a healthy alternative, manufacturers tend to sneak Xylitol – an artificial sweetener into our foods, causing a spike in insulin which could cause death in your  dog.

While symptoms are often relieved within an hour, if lots of Xylitol has been consumed, the risk of liver failure and in turn premature death for your dog increases.

Pups should also avoid nuts as they can induce weakness, vomiting, tremors and even depression.

While side-effects usually ease within 12 hours, it’s always best to prevent this from happening in the first place. 

Avocados may seem an odd addition but just like cooked bones, Burns Pet Nutrition described these as a choking hazard.

In the unfortunate circumstance that your pup does eat any of these problematic foods, the company stressed you contact your vet immediately.

An urgent Christmas warning for pet owners – don’t feed your dog the foods listed above (stock image)

The eight foods to never feed your dogs 









Burns Pet Nutrition said: ‘Too much salt and fat from overfeeding of foods like bacon can cause pancreatitis’. 

Founder of the company veterinarian John Burns MBE wants to encourage owners to think twice before letting their pet overindulge on December 25.

He said: ‘Dogs don’t necessarily need tasty treats, it is just us owners that love to give them!

‘As everyone tucks into their Christmas dinner, don’t let those big puppy dog eyes pressure you.

‘What’s on our plates is not a great idea for your dog but if you want to give them a little Christmas lunch then plainly cooked vegetables are fine’.

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