‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #166: the ‘magic blood club’ is invalid without Harry

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00
This is our last podcast of 2023 and we plan to be back January 13. Here’s a link to the Buzzfeed article about things that happened in 2023. I watched The Happiest Season on Hulu and loved it. Chandra watched May December and enjoyed it but says it’s a downer. I’m excited for Reacher season two. Chandra will start the final episodes of The Crown. She tried watching Red, White & Royal Blue but it made her feel old. I watched the documentaries The Mission on Disney and Bad Surgeon on Netflix. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 23:15
Last week on Friday Kate had her third annual Together at Christmas concert. This was one of her successes that Omid Scobie mentioned in Endgame. Camilla and Charles didn’t go. Sophie, Beatrice, Zara, Eugenie and Kate’s family including her sister and her mom and dad came. The Middletons have been keeping a low profile since their business went bankrupt, owing creditors millions. Kate wore an all white suit that was straight out of Meghan’s lookbook.

In last week’s episode #165 we talked about the fact that the royal racists, Kate and Charles, were accidentally released in the Dutch translation of Omid Scobie’s Endgame. Scobie wrote an essay for iNews in which he explained how that happened.

We also mentioned last week that the royals had crisis talks and were planning a “charm offensive” in response to Endgame. There were some vague legal threats in the press but they plan to just act like everything is fine like they always do.

King Charles visited the court that will preside over Prince Harry’s case against the Mirror just a day before their ruling! Here’s a link to the tweet I mentioned. Chandra doesn’t think Prince Harry will win his royal protection case but that he’s pursuing it so that it’s all on the record.

Part of the “charm offensive” involves the royals doing more charity work, although Kate hasn’t been seen much. There was an article that Kate would get revenge on the Sussexes by getting good press. Camilla Tominey had a series of articles about how Meghan hates Kate and it was clearly projection.

Kate took all three of her children to visit a Baby Bank and they actually brought donations with them. It was one of the best things they’ve done in months, however they were criticized by anti-poverty advocates for normalizing charity instead of advocating for systemic change. William visited a charity for unhoused people he works with called Passages. He was seen hugging people and the Daily Mail reported on that and called him the “Prince of Hugs.” After Omid Scobie reported in Endgame that Prince Edward is a germaphobe the palace released a video where he’s uncomfortably shaking people’s hands.

The Sussexes released a cute video of their charity work with Archewell this year along with the foundation’s impact report. The press poured over the numbers and criticized them for only raising $2 million this year, which is ridiculous. They raised more in their first two years after starting their foundation, and they haven’t “spent” all of that money. They also gave their staffers raises. Here’s a link to one of the tweets Chandra mentions about royal staffers being jealous.

Richard Eden wrote a column calling for Harry and Meghan’s titles to be stripped and for Harry and his kids to be removed from the line of succession. This argument invalidates the whole “magic blood club” reasoning for the royalty if Harry can just be excluded.

The Sun reported that a source said that Charles “will not be emotionally blackmailed by his own son” in regard to the royal racist reveal in the Dutch version of Endgame. Harry had nothing to do with Endgame and these people know how they treated him.

Kate and William and their kids released a black and white Christmas photo. They were all wearing black jeans and white button down shirts and it was giving Olan Mills 1994. We wonder why they didn’t make it more Christmassy. Us Weekly reported that they were embarrassed by that.

Comments of the week: Minutes 23:15 to end
Chandra’s comment of the week is from Nic919 the post about The Crown showing how Carole Middleton meddled in Kate’s relationship with William.

My comment of the week is from atlantababe on the post about Jennifer Aniston saying she didn’t use an intimacy coordinator on the set of The Morning Show.

Thanks for listening bitches! Happy holidays and hope you have an excellent new year!

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