Tattooed dad looks different 19 years ago as he shows throwback snap with no ink

A dad with 95% of his body covered in tattoos has amazed fans with a throwback snap.

Remy, from Canada, often shares his ink progress on Instagram where he's garnered a following of 204,000 fans.

He often shares his progress online, as well as transformation pictures where you wouldn't believe it was him.

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And now posting to his thousands of admirers on Tuesday, Remy shared a 19-year transformation where he has no tattoos.

The dad also looks different as he's sporting a very different hairstyle to what he has now.

In the post, Remy wrote: "'It's not a phase mum'. I'm in it for life."

He added: "When people ask me if I've ever thought how I'll look when I'm older, I have no doubt I'll be even 'weirder'.

"…And even more happy with the fact."

In the post, the photo on the left shows Remy rocking a grungy look with a mohawk and skull top.

He's also wearing baggy jeans with a long black coat in the snap taken back in 2003.

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Then on the right, Remy has short blonde hair which his skull tattooed along with the rest of his body.

He's also completed a huge chunk of blackwork since the early noughties where he has no tattoos on show.

Remy is even a lot more skinny and in shape, something he often talks about in his posts.

In the caption, the dad shared a number of hashtags, including #19yearsago #flashback and #growth.

Since he shared the mind-blowing transformation, his post racked up thousands of likes in the space of a few hours.

One fan wrote: "I love both transformations," as another posted: "Fresh shot."

A third commented: "Awesome new style dope work."

And a fourth chimed in: "That Mohawk was epic bro!"

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