Super donor has fathered 50 babies around the globe

Serial sperm donor who has fathered 50 children and has 15 more on the way claims he is so popular because his donations are ‘free’ and he likes to ‘get to know’ the people he helps

  • Sperm donor Kyle Gordy, 30, from California, has fathered 50 children 
  • Says his services are popular because he is free and meets people face-to-face
  • Credits his vitamin-rich diet with helping to give him super sperm 

A prolific sperm donor who has fathered 50 children said he has 15 more kids ‘on the way’. 

Kyle Gordy, 31, from Los Angeles, California, offers his sperm to single mothers and heterosexual couples who are struggling to conceive on their own.

He promotes his services – which are free – through social media, and instead of going through a sperm bank, he gives his semen directly to the women.

Kyle Gordy, 30, from California, has fathered 50 children around the globe with 15 more babies due to be born soon 

One of the many families Kyle has helped: A lesbian couple (pictured) who used Kyle’s sperm to conceive a longed-for baby 

Kyle has fathered 50 children so far. Pictured above is another couple who have used his sperm to have a child 

Kyle explained that some people are uncomfortable using sperm banks since the donors are anonymous, which means the new parents won’t know anything about the person who fathered their child, so they turn to him instead.

He said: ‘I believe I’m so popular because they can get to know me, whereas in a sperm bank, this isn’t the case. I’m open with people, very reliable and have many women who can vouch for me as well.

‘I always make the effort to go to people, rather than making them come to me and I’m very serious about all the testing.’

Kyle credits a range of supplements such as zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and Royal Jelly as key to his productive sperm 

As a professional donor, Kyle also takes great care of his diet, focusing on fresh vegetables and wild tuna, with a glass or two of red wine 

Kyle is tested for STIs and other issues detrimental to pregnancy up to five times a year. 

He continued: ‘Most people only get tested once a year, whereas I typically do these tests up to five times in a year.

‘I’m a professional, as I explain the process very clearly on how to do it, as well as how fertile I am and therefore, they have a greater chance of getting pregnant. I’m better than a bank, as I’m all about the quality.’

He claims his vitamin-rich diet helps his sperm count. He takes zinc, multivitamins and fish oil. 

‘Red wine is actually quite good for you, as it has many prospects which help with sperm donation, so I’m allowing myself a glass or two in moderation,’ he said.

Kyle believes his sperm is a superior product and that’s why it is so popular with families desperate to conceive 

‘I’m still figuring out what foods I can have that I’m able to enjoy, but are also good for fertility. I focus on wild caught tuna, vegetables and especially royal jelly, which is the secretion of nurse bees and is fed to the queens to help them thrive.’

Gordy is now providing sperm to an IVF clinic in the Philippines which flies him out to the US to donate.  

He said: ‘I’ll create a profile for myself, which they’ll put up online, along with some photos and my answers from a basic questionnaire.

‘If I’m picked, I’ll likely do two donations at a time and it’s really easy as all the regular testing I do, such as sperm count and for STDs, will be done at the clinic.’

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